Depression and I know stupid buy jealousy

Hi I have a very lonely life...I have kids and grand kids and a friends no hobbies usually cause of money I only go to free or cheap things with kids...I'm over it!! I want a life I want friends not fb friends.i want to walk again lost 40 pounds but realized I'm always alone so just stopped gained 13 back....pose don't tell me to make friends with kid play dates..advise


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    Sorry to read you're in a low place right now. What kinds of things do you like to do? Do you belong to a church or a community club? What about making friends with others in your neighborhood? It doesn't all have to be kids and playdates, although you may find a lot of common ground with other moms. Maybe you can set up a moms-only night and one of the dads watches all the kids!

    You can post your city name here and maybe some our members are in your area and would like to meet for coffee or join you on walks or other activities. :)

    It may also be worthwhile to see your doctor for a check-up. Everyone gets the blues once in a while, but if you're truly depressed you might feel better talking to your doctor about taking an anti-depressant to help you get back on track.

    Feel better soon, and I hope you find some friends to hang out with. :flowerforyou:
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    Hobbies dont always have to cost money. Zumba in my town is hosted by the many women that have that simple cert and drop ins are always free- maybe that exists where you are? Then you could be getting a sweat on and meet new people. A walking group perhaps- advertised on line or local paper? Library is a good source for book groups and other training that is often free. Maybe a computer class just for fun could lead to meeting others and/or a new skill.
    I find one good habit does often spur others. Start with walking where others exercise - so you get your walk in - and then be brave- say hello to a fellow walker.
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    So go walk. Be willing to talk to strangers. Try. We're all in the same boat, baling.
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    I really dont have any friends other the fb/ internet. Thats because i am either working or with my family. Think of what you like to do. Facebook has groups for everything. Find a local one then make friends on there. And you can meet up in real life
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    I think the depression is clouding your perception. Half your life sounds rich. Some medically supported help with the depression might work wonders.

    It sounds like you are overdue for some activities that have nothing to do with family or kids.

    Try registering with Meetup and go out on an activity that sounds interesting.

    I sometimes feel loneliest in a crowded room. I fight past that feeling and make my way to someone who looks as lost as I feel. I open with some questions wherever my curiosity leads and at least for that first meeting, make it all about them. If I find a connection, I say, "Me, too!"

    We all crave connection.
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    Yup chek out meetup
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    Add me :) im trying to find friends to help keep each other motivated :)
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    Depression Sucks a**!! But I believe in you !!!