Shoes for gym training

I've been a runner (on and off... more off lately) my whole life, and I know all I need to know about running shoes. Zero-drop, minimalist, maximalist, stability, cushioning, racing flats... I've tried em all.

Can I use running shoes in the gym? They seem to roll my foot forward a good deal. What should I look for in a gym shoe that's not running-specific, and should I take into consideration my overpronation/flat feet?


  • ArvinSloane
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    Would this be for lifting? If so, you need the exact opposite of a running shoe--you want a solid, flat, stable base. No squish. Many people use Converse/Chucks; I myself am a fan of Vans classic slip-ons.
  • Okiludy
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    I use Vans also. The toe box is wider than chucks and much more comfortable. I am looking at getting some Sabo deadlift shoes as I don't need a heel raise for squats. Some people really like about a .66 to .75 inch heel raise for squats and olympic lifts. I just want a stable flat shoe. Hell sole could be made from wood and I'd be fine.

    If you plan on doing crossfit or any cardio in the same shoes your requirements might be different than a straight lifting shoe.
  • timtam163
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    Aha just what I thought! I may go in my skate shoes, the sole has no squish and they're nice and wide.
  • kwtilbury
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    If you're talking about floor lifts, any type of flat shoe will do - chucks, skateboard, minimalist, etc.

    Any other type of lifting, it really doesn't matter as much.
  • DresdenSinn
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    I wear wrestling shoes
  • rainbowbow
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    I wear the two same shoes for all of my workouts: nike free rn, and nike free run. They are super comfortable, lightweight, don't have a huge heel, and easily slide on and off. To make that process even easier i use Zubits.

    For squats and deadlifts i just pop my shoes off and lift with socks only. I find this works best for me personally and i can feel it in my feet. I have used lifting specific shoes and i simply prefer to lift barefoot.