OMAD: What do you eat?

Hi. I've been trying IF and now I want to include a OMAD once or twice a week. Was curious to see what people ate for their one meal.. anything goes? Or do you eat clean/healthy? Do you usually reach your daily calories at one meal?


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    I eat whatever I fancy and as much as I want.
    I have lost 12lbs in 6 weeks without exercise.

    Prior to this I was calorie counting and consuming between 800-1200 calories and also going to the gym and only lost about 4lbs in the same timeframe.

    So an example meal for me: Onion fried mushrooms with pitta bread, coriander and carrot soup, one poached egg, steamed veg (broccoli and carrots), salad. After this I have a hot drink like a latte or mocha and a pastry or cake or other sweet treat. This meal is around 1200-1400 calories.

    Other times I'll have more fried food and calorie dense food so my calorie intake is between 1400-2000.

    I do not calorie count or worry about eating healthy or clean. I eat until I'm satisfied and enjoy everything I eat.
    And the main benefit for me eating this way is that o can eat until I feel satisfied, as opposed to eating small meals throughout the day and still having the urge to eat despite not really being hungry.

    Sounds awesome! How hard was it for you to do OMAD? Did you have hunger? Did you work your way up to it like doing 18:6, ect? Are you doing it on a daily basis or just a few times per week? Sorry, so many questions!..
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