I've hurt someone and feel empty inside...

I know this is a fitness site, but I have found much support in other areas of my life here, too. Please pray for me as I have somehow insulted a friend and he has blocked me on fb. I just re-connected with him and some how he feels I have insulted him and I can not figure out what I said!

I know so much of what is written can be so misconstrued and misinterpreted, but I feel so empty inside, because I never wanted to hurt this person.

He is the brother of one of my best friends who I have lost touch with. I have asked a "mutual friend" on fb to help me apologize to him and ask for forgiveness... this may take a while ... sigh... I hate when I hurt someone and not know what I did... sigh....


  • did you ever think that maybe you didn't do anything at all? i think you are taking this waaayyy to serious. maybe he is going through something on his end that caused him to block you, or block you along with others as well. maybe you should wait to dig a little deeper before you let it get to you this badly!
  • That's too bad. Sometimes these things happen. You've done all that you can do, and it is up to your friend what happens next. Sometimes, unfortunately, things don't work out and you will just have to try and move on to other friends. I hope your friend does talk to you and you guys figure everything out. Good Luck!
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    That would most likely come off as sounding very clingy and desperate. If he's taken measures to block you, he would most likely not be very pleased to be getting continued messages from you via a mutual friend. This could result in him getting angry with the mutual friend, and blocking them as well. Then you'd have TWO people mad at you.
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    Prayer will get you nothing but wasting time.
    If you've hurt someone, apologizing goes much further...and is REAL.
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    Prayer will get you nothing but wasting time.

    I'm sorry you feel that way, but I do not think you are qualified to determine whether how others spend their time is use-effective or not. Please be respectful of others' beliefs.
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    I am sorry you feel this way, but sometimes you dont do anything as much say anything and people will just block you out. My two sisters I do not talk to at all both blocked me off fb also. All I can do and you is continue to live our lives and forget the negative before it drags you down too. Good luck
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    I will pray for resolution and good outcomes in regards to your concerns. It concerns me that you feel empty inside. I find when these types of situations occur, talking it out with a family member or a close friend helps. :smile:
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    All you can do is apologize once and leave it be don't intrude on his personal space by asking someone else to interfere that's going to far. I'm sure if you dig deep enough you might figure out what you did wrong and perhaps a habit of involving others just may be the issue. .......Some people don't like their business out there...if he choose to not have you in his life that's his choice...not yours....you made your mistake...sorry
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    Hmm... I've had a lot of problems in my relationship with God because of my own pride. I'm also a people pleaser. I frequently have to ask myself what my motives are? Did God direct me to do this? I'm not sure of what offense you committed - if you did. Is God directing you to apologize or can you just not stand that someone doesn't like you? I'm not saying that to be mean, I've lost a lot of sleep over stuff like that. Consider also that he is uncomfortable with your religious postings (I assume you post religious messages?) and has de-friended you for that reason. "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me..." (Matt. 5:10) Does any of that apply to you? I'll also add this, I'm very particular about my Facebook page. I keep my friends number small because I post very personal info on my page. Maybe he's done this. Pray about it. Quit acting on your emotions and wait until you are directed by God to do something more in regards to this situation. That's my advice. I'll be praying for you.
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    thank you for your input and prayers. I'm letting it go... if he wants to contact me he will... if not... oh well... life goes on with or with out... :)
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    This is why I deleted my FB... people take it way too seriously.
    Hope things get better OP. :flowerforyou:
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    Could it be that he deactivated his account vs blocking you?
  • Once you apologize it is up to them to forgive you, it becomes their problem. You've done your part. Women are so full of drama. Think like a man and take it easy.
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    No need to be sorry