Lost 20, not sure what to do next

I could use some advice, I'm 5'8 man, and my SW was 198 and I'm now at 178. When this began, my goal was to get to 180 so I could fit into size 32 pants again. I've hit that goal now and am content with where I am, but I think I could lose 5-10 more pounds. I really wouldn't want to be lower than 170. I've been on a 1780 calorie per day diet for 115 days, and as of the last 2 weeks, my weight loss has stalled and now I'm staying in the 178-180 range. I've been lifting weights 3x a week and running 3 miles 2x a week through this process.

My hope was to get down into the 175 area and try and put some muscle on so that I stayed <180. But, for the first time since I've been tracking my food on MFP, it seems I'm not losing. Should I lower calories more? Should I try just maintaining? I'm not sure how to determine what a realistic weight for me should even be! I'll include some pics so you have an idea where I'm at as soon as I can.


  • WeighandPray
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    Here's a couple pics, I'll try to get some better ones.
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    I vote for going on a maintenance or even a bulking plan. I have read from the bulking vets around here that it takes months to bulk (as long as you are doing progressive lifting throughout). And then you can cut back to 180.
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    Maybe your body is happy at the weight it is?
    If you want to build muscle then focus on the weights now and ignore the scale. If you really desperately want to lose a bit more then maybe run three times a week and lift twice a week. Changing it up might get you through the plateau
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    I calculated your BMI on the NIH on line calculator and it was 27. Your goal is to be under 25 for health so I think you need to very gradually lose some more fat. If you just plateau for a while and continue your good exercise program, maybe you can re-motivate and lose some more fat. Take a look at the web site and figure out a reasonable goal.