I'm looking for you!!!

jmac4263 Posts: 245 Member
Wanted: friends who like to keep in touch, talk about goals, set backs, motivation, ect....

I have been trying and trying to switch to macro counting..

I'm super active. Gym daily. Kayak. Bike ride. Softball. Golf

Still setting at 160 to 164 and really wanting to cut some weight.

Do we sound like a fit? Add me!!!


  • ourenchantedcottage
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    Looking for a friend also talk about goals, and how life can set you back. Starting a new food venture and using myself as a test subject. Would love to have your insight on my recipes. Profession Chef by trade, looking to create food that will be healthy, decadent and easy on your diet. Changing your life style, should not mean depriving yourself of delicious food.
  • jmac4263
    jmac4263 Posts: 245 Member
    I sent you a request!! Sounds like a great friend to have!
  • jmac4263
    jmac4263 Posts: 245 Member