Logging exercise and using extra calories

Disclaimer: I'm new here. Been at this for about 1 week.

Background: I'm 41, 5'6. I'd like to lose 30lb, currently 172. My calorie goal is 1300 I think. I do the 16:8 IF, and like it. I generally stay away from refined sugar and flour. I do get a little hungry at times, but nothing serious. (I think of hunger as my body giving me a head's up that it'll be tapping into my excess fat stores soon. :) ) I walk anywhere from 7500-13000 steps, moderate pace, per day, but no other exercise.

Question: If I log exercise, I get all these extra calories. Should I be using them? I eat until I'm full, and don't have intense hunger pains. But on the other hand, I don't want to be doing a disservice to my body and going about this all wrong. Would there be longer term negative effects if I don't eat those extra calories?


  • scarlett_k
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    If you're not doing any 'intentional' exercise apart from your usual steps just change your activity level to active or lightly active depending on what you feel matches you best. That way you get a few extra calories per day without having to log your usual walking.
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    I use my extra calories, I'm new here also where do you long your burn calories?
  • NorthCascades
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    As a general rule, you shouldn't lose weight too quickly. Your body needs energy and nutrients to carry out its day to day routine, things like growing hair and fingernails and repairing damage.

    Nobody here can give you a definitive answer, but you can work out your calorie deficit with math, or you can pay attention to your body and see how you feel. If you're tired and lethargic a lot, eat more. Your calorie goal is pretty low and you're walking a lot, which uses energy (1/3 your weight in pounds per mile) so it might be a good idea to up your calories a bit.