Cedar point / Roller coaster Parks. Did you fit in the ride?

Last year I rode on a couple roller coasters but there was one I was unable to fit on. That was my absolute point of disgust. Now, I'm determined to lose 70total pounds before I go next in October. Did it happen to anyone else on here?


  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 34,023 Member
    No, but I love Cedar Point!!! Have fun!

    I was certainly big enough to be locked out but I didn't even try. I've been living on west coast for years and far away from all the great amusement parks back East and in the Midwest.
  • KarinaOrtiz6
    KarinaOrtiz6 Posts: 31 Member
    I'm actually very afraid to go because I don't want to pass embarrassment.
  • meagankrkr
    meagankrkr Posts: 35 Member
    My boyfriend has been dying to go and I keep putting it off. It is my biggest fear. He thinks I'm crazy. I think I would be ok, but I'm not willing to take that chance. That's one of my little goals I've set for myself, is to be able to get on rides and not question whether or not I'll be able to.
  • tdavis1994
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    I haven't had that problem with rides because I haven't been on any. But the last time I went on a plane I barely fit in the seat and it was so uncomfortable and I've gained weight since. I won't go on a plans again till I lose 50 lbs. so embarrassing!!
  • ChemcialSunshine
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    From my experience. If your pants size is 18 more then yes. You will have problems...
  • nicolega2001
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    There was one roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia that I could not fit on due to my bust. I was really embarrassed.
  • hoppgeorge
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    a couple years ago i took my daughter to six flags. Usually we just stayed in the water park. She was old enough and wanted to try some other rides. i couldnt fit. it was devastating. it was one of my motivating factors to lose weight. Ive lost 85 lbs. we went back this year. i stood in line with her and was so anxious i could have almost thrown up. she was so sweet and said that if i could fit again, she would be ok. when i sat down and got buckled in i was so happy. it was an amazing feeling. it made all the effort and sacrifice worth it. i am not sure why i babbled and shared that much but your post jumped out at me.

    add me if you like. Id be glad to give you encouragement and support!