People of the Office - Go to food items?



  • DebLaBounty
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    My favorite snack lately is an apple and 1/2 ounce of cheddar cheese. Easy to do. Filling.
  • SandraNancy
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    Same here-- office with a fridge. Today's a late day for me so I have lunch and dinner with me. In the fridge we have:

    100 g of pineapple

    30 g of cheese

    Turkey meatballs (if you're looking for more protein, I've found meatballs to be an awesome way to add it in. The ones I make have 5 g of protein per serving, and I use Parmesan cheese instead of bread crumbs, so only about
    1.25 g of carbs per meatball. They're good hot, cold, in salads, on their own... so versatile!)

    Turkey veggie mix (another go to recipe for me-- ground turkey, chopped up bell peppers, onion, salsa, and spices. Sort of like chili)

    A Greek yogurt

    An apple

    My focus is on protein and fats with most of my carbs coming from veggies & fruit. If that's what you're after, let me know if you want some make-ahead recipe ideas!
  • bowsontoes
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    I like bringing watermelon, pineapple, or raspberries. I'll also do carrots and string cheese, although the cheese has fat in it which you're trying to avoid. Thomas Light English muffins are a good base for snacks at 100 cals for 8g of fiber, sometimes I put a little lunch meat on those as a quick, 150-calorie fix. The Morningstar veggie burgers range from 110-130 calories, I'll often do the chickpea one with a little hummus on the toasted English muffin for a light lunch or a snack too.

    For breakfast I usually do non-fat plain Greek yogurt with PB2. I'll do the Dannon Light n' Fit strawberry yogurt too, which isn't bad at 80 calories, 12g protein, 0g fat, and 9g carbs. Lunch is 5-7oz of chicken mixed with the sides from last night's dinner. Today is shredded chicken, corn, black beans, cilantro, salsa, and red and orange peppers. If I don't prep the night before, I'll have a Trader frozen turkey burger patty or a frozen Morningstar chickpea burger patty with frozen vegetables.

  • laurenebargar
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    I typically just have coffee in the morning or something small and then eat lunch around 1. Today its pesto pasta (pesto made with kale and spinach) and veggies (carrots celery bell pepper) and hummus. I have a serving of almonds for a snack. Sometimes Ill bring yogurt, or a string cheese. Lately i've been on an almond kick though because if you have a weighed portion size you can snack on a few here and there and wont blow your calorie budget.
  • KeepRunningFatboy
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    I take in fresh raw fruits and veggies every day. If I feel the blood sugar drop, I'll eat an apple or halo orange. For lunch - kale, broccoli, cucumbers, maybe an apple.
  • Lizakabibbis
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    cottage cheese,yogurt, peaches, cheese sticks, deli meat, watermelon, pickles, cucumber, beef jerky, and packets of tuna. I eat pretty plain at work - just something to get me through the day. If I have fruit I always pair it a protein. I love peaches and full fat cottage cheese and then I'll have yogurt w/another fruit in the afternoon.
  • Ironandwine69
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    Love my office nuts
  • mskimee
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    Today in my office I had leftover fajita chicken (without the wrap) and a salad, sometimes I'll have a toasted wrap if I'm in the mood. i do like bringing in leftovers as much as possible cos I hate making lunches and i never have time in the morning to prep. I try to avoid buying lunches as 1) the cost adds up and 2) some prepacked stuff has a surprising number of calories!!
  • LuckyNumbers
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    Multi-grain crackers
    Hummus (the green chile variety)
    Baby carrots
    String cheese
    Stuffed olives
    Hard boiled eggs

    I also keep a couple cans of sardines in my desk for days when I forget to pack lunch. I go outside to eat those because I don't hate my coworkers. :smile:
  • ggeise14
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    My summer lunch go to is 1/4 c cottage cheese with a 1/4 c blueberries/strawberries, a boiled egg and a cup of celery. Afternoon snack is 1/2 c Greek yogurt with 1/4 c blueberries/strawberries. That way I can prep 'meals' for the week on Sundays and don't have to worry about what's for lunch. Somedays I change out the boiled egg for three slices of turkey Natural sandwich meat with one wedge of Laughing Cow cheese and fresh basil spread over the slices and rolled up.

    Breakfasts are either smoothies with PB2 or Almond Milk (with 1/2 a scoop of protein powder) and fruit or three egg-whites with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese and scallions microwaved. This is my current favorite and keeps me full until lunch. If I have a smoothie (even with the protein powder), I usually have a piece of string cheese as a snack mid-morning.
  • boulank
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    I usually have..
    Oatmeal for breakfast with different addins some examples fruit, protein powder, nut butters, pumpkin seeds, nuts

    Salads with grilled chicken or imitation crab meat sliced steak
    Chicken breasts with veggies
    Baked sweet potato loaded with different toppings

    Hard boiled eggs
    Jerky - beef, chicken or pork
    Fruit Salad
    Protein bars
  • duebedm
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    I make a big batch of some sort of salad that includes my whole grains and lean meats on Sundays and divvy up to eat throughout the week. (This week it's Mediterranean inspired bowl, next week is a Thai-Turkey bowl.) I also have my lunch bag on my desk full of snacks and a big ol' jug of water. I know I am a mindless grazer, so I play to it. Everything within reach. I have one of those mini-babybels, a bag of smartfood delight snack bags, blueberries, carrot chips, cherry tomatoes, and 2T of the Marzetti low fat dip. I can graze all day!
  • her4g63
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    I usually bring 8oz daisy cottage cheese & 8oz of plain greek yogurt mixed with protein powder and 2oz of frozen raspberries to work for lunch/breakfast every day.
    In/on my desk I have: a variety of protein bars, tuna, beef jerky, small fruit stash (apples, oranges, bananas).
    In the fridge I keep: hummus with peppers and hard boiled eggs.
  • lexidanko14
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    I highly reccomend making your own energy balls and granola bars. Not only do you know everything that's in them but you can add things you like and protein without getting unnessecary sugar.

    Cutting up fruits or veggies is always a good idea. But if you need something more hearty make a rice/quinoa bowl. If you're trying to stay away from carbs just make greens the majority of the bowl with your grain on the bottom then add any veggies and protein you want!
  • PhilP0wer
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    I always bring a random flavor of oikos triple zero yogurt for my breakfast snack. At 15g of protein per cup it's a win! My afternoon snacks usually involve some form of salad with a couple of walnuts and almonds to keep it interesting.
  • ksz1104
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    Babybel or some other small portable cheese, cottage cheese, greek yogurt (I love the chobani with the stuff to stir in), pretzel thins with hummus, 100 calorie packs of cookies, those homemade energy bites with PB, honey, oats, etc..