Where's all my mama's at !?

Kastastrophie Posts: 2,918 Member
Hi there !
I welcomed my 2nd daughter to the world at the end of May, its time to get my *kitten* in gear so here I am again.. I am looking for friends to share the road with... Mama friends especially but all are welcome. Hope to make some great new inspirational friends and get to my goal this time, instead of getting pregnant HA..


  • Chef_Barbell
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    Welcome to MFP! I'm a new mom of an 8 month old with 4 other kids ages (16,15,13 and 8).
  • angiejim0415
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    Im a mom of almost 3 (5yo, 9mon, 1 due in December). Right now Im just trying to keep track of what I eat but as soon as January rolls around, Im kicking it into high gear.