Issues with calorie goals

Hello everyone, I'm not new to mfp, but I am just starting a new weight loss journey (my biggest yet...40 lbs) after having a new baby. My food diary seems to be "glitching". I entered my current weight (172), my activity level (lightly active) and a goal to lose 1 lb a week. I have been tracking for a few days with no issues, including my extra 500 cals for breastfeeding. It gave me a calorie goal of 2187 (that includes the extra 500) and I gave been coming in under it.
Today, out of nowhere it changed my daily goal to 1620 and marking me "over" my calories. Even though I entered the breastfeeding in the diary, it has stopped crediting me for it. I made no changes to weight or anything. I used mfp to lose weight after my first child and never experienced anything like this. I have screenshots of my two conflicting diary entries if it helps.
Sorry this is long, I tried to explain as concisely as I could. Thanks in advance.


  • SafioraLinnea
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    I noticed a similar issue where it stops crediting breastfeeding calories. I went around it by figuring out my allowed calories with MFP, then manually setting my calorie goal with the added amount for breastfeeding on top of the original amount. I personally find it works better for me. Just note that if you set your own calorie goal, adjustments to it will not be made as you lose weight, so after losing 5 pounds, recalculate your goal and adjust for the difference.

  • JackieMarie1989jgw
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    Seems so strange that out of nowhere it would just start ignoring the breastfeeding calories all of a sudden! Thank you for the tip, although have to admit that I am holding out hope that it somehow fixes itself so that it can make adjustments for me.