When will I lose the water weight?

From intense exercise. :) I started TurboFire a week and a half ago and I feel I've ballooned a bit. You can check my diary if you want, I weigh everything and stick to the calorie goals mfp gives me, plus use a heart rate monitor to more accurately estimate my calories burned. (Please no debate on HRM calories lol.) So I know it's just water weight. But gawd I feel and look so squishy and puffed up since starting. I'm drinking a good amount of water. When will I lose the water weight and slim back down? Thx :)


  • usmcmp
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    Could be tomorrow, could be in a week, could be that there is something else going on. Tuesday your sodium was higher than previously, it's probably just that right now.
  • DKG28
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    It'll go eventually. I'm in the same boat - 14 days in a row of hour-long cardio sessions. Weight has not changed. Calories have been meticulously counted. But guess what - I can see a difference in my body. The scale number right now doesn't matter. I figure, as long as I'm working hard enough for muscles to be sore - there's a bunch of water being retained. From previous experience, I expect one day in the next week or so for a big drop on the scale when my body gets used to this level of exercise.
  • eisterunicorn
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    Okay thanks guys :) good insights