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    I live in a Home Owners Association (don't get me started on them...bla)- just found out we are getting COWS! So excited, but most of the neighbors aren't :smiley:
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    Someone must have shook the trees today !
    Squirrels are everywhere !!

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    Pumice raft in the Pacific Ocean. The raft of buoyant volcanic rock was produced by the underwater eruption of the nearby Home Reef volcano in early August 2006. Pumice is a volcanic rock that contains trapped bubbles of gas, making it very light.
    The eruptions continued until the summit of the volcano cleared the surface, forming a new island in waters governed by Tonga, southwest of the Vava'u archipelago.
    Photographed on 10th August 2006 from the yacht Maiken.
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    That's such a cool shot, @cee134! Love it!
  • cee134
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    That's such a cool shot, @cee134! Love it!

    Yes, I really enjoy the website that I got it from.