I want to gain weight

I've recently lost 3 and a half stone and am now 9 and a half stone(I'm 5 foot 10). I'm close to being underweight and get very dizzy spells and would like some healthy advice on how to gain weight slowly to improve my health. Any advice?


  • TavistockToad
    TavistockToad Posts: 35,719 Member
    eat more... it really is that simple. swap any low fat or diet food that you eat for full fat stuff.

    add in olive oil, avocado and choose higher fat meats - beef/lamb/pork instead of chicken or turkey.

    snack on peanut butter or nuts & seeds.

    the odd doughnut or pizza wont do any harm either.
  • laurenhills99
    laurenhills99 Posts: 20 Member
    Thank you that really helps
  • geltner2
    geltner2 Posts: 24 Member
    Add snacks during the day and try for 200 cal per snack. Do you like smoothies? They can be healthful and high in calories. For example; yogurt (I use non-dairy yogurt), banana, maple syrup. Snack on raisins and other dry fruit.
  • Rusty740
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    I love nuts for adding a few calories here and there. Bring some to work and snack :)

    I second doughnuts and pizza and raise some Ice cream! :)