How many cup sizes did you lose?



  • curvymegan89
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    The first time I lost a substantial amount of weight (15kgs) I went from 36GG to a 34H. I was really annoyed, and made an appointment with a plastic surgeon.
    I've since gained all the weight back, plus more, and am now a 36HH. I'm now aiming to lose 35kgs, and dream of being a G up or less.
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    Not sure how people are getting away with one sports bra... Do you wash it every day? I have two and would like at least two more. I don't have time to wash every other day and I've been stuck wearing regular bras to the gym sometimes.

    I re-wear my workout clothes for 3-4 days normally. I just let it dry on a hook overnight. I sweat, but I don't smell, so I don't feel the urge to wash mine everyday. I have two sets of gear, but I could make-do with one if I needed to.
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    mk2fit wrote: »
    Ugh, almost all of them :( Lost a lot off the back size 40 to 34. Cup size is a different story. Went from C or D (don't remember) to a B I can barely fill out. Probably TMI. Lost 70+ pounds. I bought 1 new bra at a time; same with pants. Exercise bras and stretch pants came in handy while losing weight. Also used cothing stores. Best wishes


    Just buy one or two at at time and wear them till they're just too big and then go back and buy some more, it's super frustrating!
  • Aisling826
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    Last time I lost weight, I lost more than 50 lbs and went from a 36 DD to a 28 DDD. I discovered that is NOT an easy size to find at all. And since I ended up weighing 115 at my lowest (and I'm only 5 feet tall) my breasts looked bigger than they had been before I lost weight.

    Right now I'm sitting at around a 32 DD at 140 lbs. ( though my bras aren't fitting very well right now. I probably should get remeasured bit I don't really want to buy new bras until I'm closer to 115 again) I wonder what my bra size will end up this time.
  • Keapix
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    Definitely just buy a small number (1 or 2) at a time. I lost 3-4 dress sizes, but my cup size stayed the same.
  • CattOfTheGarage
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    I went to Victoria's Secret because they measure you and then stand there and hand you bra after bra until you find the style that fits right. I ended up with a padded push-up just so I would have some bumpage to give me something of a figure. It was also the best one to contain the excess skin and look the most natural.

    This is such a good service and I would recommend to anyone that they get a bra professionally fitted if possible. They are the most frustrating piece of clothing in the world to buy, as different styles are completely different shapes. You don't just need the right size, you need a shape that works for you. It makes buying shoes look easy.

    For larger boobs, Bravissimo does this service also and I can't recommend them highly enough. They also have a fitting guide on their website so you can judge the fit of a bra by yourself -
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    Finding the right bra in a thrift store is a big ask, although a great saving. What you could do, is buy a couple of good, well-fitting bras as planned, and then supplement your wardrobe with an ebay search for exactly the same brand, style and size!

    On Ebay, you will find stockists selling new unworn bras that are left over from previous season's colourways, as well as women funding the purchase of smaller bras by selling the old too-big ones.
  • lexington88
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    Clearly it varies person to person. I'd say invest in maybe two really good bras, and save the money for more later down the line just in case.

    I lost 40 lb in the past, and I didn't even realise my cup size had gone down at all until about 38 lb into that. Even then, it was mainly my back size (I went from a 38E to a 32/34D/DD, depending on the bra)
  • yirara
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    Went from 75D-C to 75C-B. Shame. I'd hoped to lose more as honestly, breasts are inconvenient!
  • mrsmlkp248
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    I am a little over half way to my goal and have gone down a full cup size and 2 band sizes already.
  • __TMac__
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    I'm down 63 lbs, with 17 to go. I started at 44G and currently wear a 36DD. I have two daily bras, one highly-engineered running bra, and four inexpensive compression sports bras. The cheap ones have lasted through my entire weight loss, since they're very stretchy and forgiving. I think I might be done shrinking out of cup sizes (sadly), but may lose one more inch around the band. I'll wait until I hit goal before buying any more.
  • Speziface
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    Down about a cup and a half.
  • KelGen02
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    It has been weird for me... High weight 260, my back size has changed but my cup size has remained the same? I went from a tight 46C to a 38-40C... I am down just under 70lbs with another 25ish to go so I am hoping that this trend will remain. I have bought one bra and one sports bra and really just one pair of pants and a new bathing suit... I am still wearing all my other clothes, which are ridiculously too big on me but I am still in a little bit of denial and also being cheap when it comes to getting a new wardrobe, figured I would wait til I hit my goal. LOL Had to go to a wedding a couple weeks ago so I went shopping in my friends closets for a new dress to borrow for the event. B)
    like others have said, I would buy only a couple new ones for now and see how it goes, thank Mom and let her know you still have weight to lose so you didn't want to buy to many just yet.
  • Alidecker
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    my band size went down a lot, but cup size not so much. I lost around 100 pounds and went from a 42G (sometimes H) to a 36G. wish the cup size would go down more.
  • xNausicaa wrote: »
    I am on a journey to lose at least 140 lbs. My mom blessed me with a couple of credit cards and I wanted to go bra shopping but should I buy so many now? Or well, my real question is how many cup sizes did you lose or was it not a drastic change? I need new bras, but I don't want to buy a bunch that I won't be able to fit a few months from now.
    xNausicaa wrote: »
    I am on a journey to lose at least 140 lbs. My mom blessed me with a couple of credit cards and I wanted to go bra shopping but should I buy so many now? Or well, my real question is how many cup sizes did you lose or was it not a drastic change? I need new bras, but I don't want to buy a bunch that I won't be able to fit a few months from now.

  • gothchiq
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    One. 40 lbs down, D cup to C cup. It's acceptable.
  • When I started 10 months ago I was 265lbs, size 20, wearing a 40 D. I'm in the 190s now, wearing a 10, and a 36 really only a band smaller. I feel like they *look* smaller in photos, but I think I was just stuffed into the wrong bra when I started
  • SafioraLinnea
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    When I started a 40DD was too small in both band and cup size. I've lost 60 pounds and I'm now a 36DD and it's roomy.

    My answer is somewhat complicated by breastfeeding though. I suspect I'm actually a D, but breastpads are a necessity for me. I'm hopeful I will be down to a C by the time breastfeeding and fat loss are done.

    Yes, you read that right, I would like to be a C cup. I'm sick of having big breasts. My genetics are against me (big bosomed women in my family) but a girl can hope.
  • SweetestLibby
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    From my heaviest to my smallest I lost 100 pounds and went from a 36G to a 28DD. I've come to accept that I'm never going to have small boobs and I'm never going to be able to buy bras at a department store.