For those of you that own a juicer?

What do you make in one? Curious since I have an opportunity to get one for free from family. Also, what drove you to buy a juicer? Was it a tv commercial? A juicing store nearby? A friend? Youtube video?
I am sure a juicer is for more than carrot juice with a bit of ginger.


  • RaeBeeBaby
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    Juice. That's about all a juicer will make unless you count the leftover pulp after you extract the juice and can figure out what to do with it. I got mine after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead about Joe Cross who went around the country juicing and talking to people. He lost over 100 pounds, so seemed like a good idea.

    Pros: Yummy - lots of great juices you can make and they are super healthy and nutritious. Pick about any fruit and/or vegetable combo and you can make juice out of it.

    Cons: Spendy - juicer was expensive (about $60 on Amazon Warehouse deals). Also expensive to buy all the produce to get a relatively small amount of juice.
    Messy - not sure how everyone else does it, but I managed to make a big mess every time I used it.
    Wasteful - a lot of good fiber left in the pulp after you're done juicing. Some people make soup with it, which I tried and would not recommend. It wasn't really that great. Of course you can compost it or feed it to the chickens if you do those things.
    Hard to clean - despite the great Amazon reviews I found this highly recommended juicer a total pain in the butt to clean. I found myself not wanting to use it mainly for that reason.

    My juicer is sitting in the original box (cleaned, of course) ready to go to the local charity for resale. I've switched to a nutribullet to make smoothies, which include all the good stuff plus the fiber that you just throw away with a juicer.

    Since you have a chance to get a freebie, you might want to try it. But there's a reason someone's giving it away. Just my 2 cents (and then some). :D
  • cwolfman13
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    I just have a citrus juicer. I use it when I need fresh lemon or lime juice for something...also the occasional orange or grapefruit juice on a Saturday morning.
  • Mezzie1024
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    I rarely take out my juicer because it's such a pain to clean, but carrot apple spinach ginger juice is worth the trouble sometimes. Yum!

    Mostly I like eating my fruits and veggies, but on a hot day, fresh juice can be really refreshing. As far as why I got it... I really like ginger in juice and wanted to control the amount. I've had mine for a decade or so, and before this one, I had another that was smaller and got more use (but, unfortunately, got lost in a move).
  • Tikvah77
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    I agree with RaeBeeBaby. I bought mine after watching the same movie (Fat Sick and Nearly Dead) and I find it messy, difficult to store that much produce for juicing so have to shop frequently, and I have a hard time tossing all of the fiber. I have tried using my Ninja blender to keep some of the fiber. I learned to juice ALL of the produce the day I brought it home so it wouldn't go bad before I got to it and so it wouldn't take up all of the space in my fridge. That worked well. I could make different recipes...just like meal prepping. I stored in water bottles in the freezer or in baggies to make it easier to take to work. Can pour into a glass when it thaws. I lost a lot of weight doing it, felt fabulous, lost all of the cravings...but it wasn't a sustainable lifestyle. Great for doing periodically though. Wishing you the best, Jo
  • jennybearlv
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    I don't own a juicer but my friend juiced watermelon and that was the most delicious liquid I've ever tasted.
  • Old_Cat_Lady
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    Mezzie1024 wrote: »
    carrot apple spinach ginger juice is worth ......., but on a hot day, fresh juice can be really refreshing. As far as why I got it... I really like ginger in juice and wanted to control the amount. .
    very helpful. greens used. I was starting to think it was only for fruits.