I'm feeling really ___________ right now



  • Happysoul0317
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    This is terribly depressing. I think everyone needs some fresh air and sunshine. Focus on something good for just 5 minutes.
  • loe_loe23
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    Super tired! Woke up at 5:20am to workout, now it's 8:36am, been at work for 40 mins and I'm falling asleep at my desk! I have to workout before work though because I always am busy after work and don't have the time to workout then. I am not a 'early' morning person either! Chugging my coffee and hoping I don't crash :D
  • MrSith
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  • Nessiechickie
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    sad/stressed out
  • christy2820
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    So tired, and also so thankful.
  • lar25473
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    Feeling really disheartened by my weight, wish I could just keep losing but it keeps coming back.
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  • loe_loe23
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    Heartbroken. My dog has been sick the past couple of days so I started watching him closely, and today I realized he is showing signs of congestive heart failure so I rushed him to the vet who confirmed it does appear he’s in organ failure, but liver, kidney, and heart failure are all possible based on his symptoms. We’ll do bloodwork tomorrow to see what we’re up against, but I feel this is the beginning of the end for my sweet baby.

    I just went through this with my dog and we had to put her down. I hope you get lots more time with yours! It's never easy, but you aren't alone!
  • Pinkferry12345
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    sad/stressed out

    How come?
  • millionsofpeaches1
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    Need some help with that?
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    Bloated... :(
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    Lost. My life is in the shtter right now.