I'm feeling really ___________ right now



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    tired and sore
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    *kitten* hurt tbh

    I’m sorry to hear this. Sending hugs.
  • _sw33tp3a_11
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    with myself.
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    Burned out and overwhelmed. Between moving, taking care of my mom, dealing with chronic pain and a cycle from hell I’m just BEYOND exhausted. I try confiding in my mom and therapist, but they just don’t truly get it. I feel like I’m drowning. I don’t even feel like a real person. I’m just my mother’s caregiver. People don’t even refer to me by my name! I’m ignored more often then not. My mom has really been treating me like sh*** lately too. She says she cares that I’m in pain, but I don’t believe it. If she cared she wouldn’t have had me lifting up 50+ lb boxes for hours on end. We payed moving guys for reason. I just feel like I have to cater to everyone and I’m losing myself. I feel trapped in a situation with no honorable way out, but that’s just “life” I guess.

    I’m so tired I’m having trouble physically moving. Every step takes effort. I am WIPED. I have no idea how to even snap out of it.
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    Impatient coz my seat came in today and I can't wait to try it out. I'm planning a 1400 mile trip one weekend when it's warm enough 😊😊😊

    Where do you plan on going?
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    Like I wish I could be there
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    Lazy, and annoyed that this power supply doesn’t work.. wasted money 😭
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    Cruzy B) ...

    ..atm ;)
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    Good <3
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    Worried about things you can change or things that you can’t control?
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    bgonell21 wrote: »
    Good <3

    Great stuff