Found a great TDEE, Macro-, Micro-Nutrient calculator!!

Just put in your stats and click what you want to know. The TDEE it came up with is a bit higher than the calculator I usually use but that may explain why I'm losing more than a pound a week at my chosen TDEE-500. I currently use but will use this one for setting other goals like protein, sodium, fiber, etc.


  • deannalfisher
    deannalfisher Posts: 5,600 Member
    that's actually pretty close to mine - although they give me wayyy less protein that I take in (probably based on RDA) - but the carb ratio is close to mine (I'm within the window) and ditto with the fats
  • OliveGirl128
    OliveGirl128 Posts: 801 Member
    I've used that one before and it does give higher numbers than any other calculator I've played with, which I agree seems to line up more with where I'm at!