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I'm not seeing a difference

skeeewurskeeewur Posts: 11Member Member Posts: 11Member Member
So a couple months ago I hit my highest weight at 207lbs since then I am now down to 181lbs. I lost weight super slow at first (I wasn't intentionally trying to lose) and for the past month I've been on a diet and it's when I've seen the most weight loss. Aside from the number on the scale going down I don't see my body as looking like it's lost 20+ pounds. Is there any way that most of that weight loss is just water weight? I can't help getting a little discouraged because although weighing less is awesome I with I could see the progress too


  • xx1chloe5xx6426xx1chloe5xx6426 Posts: 12Member Member Posts: 12Member Member
    I'm having the exact same problem so annoying and discouraging because it makes me think about quitting and ordering pizza. Maybe we haven't got to a low enough weight yet to start noticing so I guess we just gotta risk it and carry on
  • jayemesjayemes Posts: 706Member Member Posts: 706Member Member
    You've lost 26 pounds in "a couple of months". If you mean a full three months you're losing over 2lbs a week which is the most you can safely reasonably lose.
    You just look at yourself every day which is why you may not notice the difference yet.
  • MegaMooseEsqMegaMooseEsq Posts: 2,320Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,320Member, Premium Member
    Are you measuring yourself? I've lost over 20lbs so far this year and I don't see it in the mirror either, but I do see it in the numbers on the scale and tape measure, and feel it in my clothing. Try taking pictures every so often, too. It's hard to see changes day to day, but they're there!
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  • me0231me0231 Posts: 182Member, Premium Member Posts: 182Member, Premium Member
    Same here, I'm at 25 pounds and I see no difference around by hip/butt/thigh area where I carry most of my extra flab. Nobody ever commented on it either which convinced me enough to think that it's simply not visible yet.

    About two weeks ago, I pulled out the same clothes I wore in a not so flattering picture from April and I nearly fell over at the difference. It's most definitely visible, it's just that we look at ourselves every single day and we can't see the slow changes.
  • GemstoneofHeartGemstoneofHeart Posts: 853Member, Premium Member Posts: 853Member, Premium Member
    Try on some clothes from this time last year. Pull out some fall clothes or something you haven't worn in many months. Maybe you'll see/feel a difference then!
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  • dadsafranticdadsafrantic Posts: 169Member Member Posts: 169Member Member
    i'm sure it only took you 3 month to pack on the pounds right? wrong. if you're looking for a quick fix keep looking. the best thing is to eat in a way that makes you feel good. as in clean food not junk. that is a good distraction for weight loss. one morning you put on the same old clothes and they'll fit differently. then some people will comment. then maybe you'll stop thinking about fried twinkies. you might also consider intermittent fasting.
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