Why am I gaining weight with reverse dieiting??

I need some help fitnesspal fam, I'm gaining weight with reverse dieting! Quick history of me. I'm 25, 5'4 female and I went from 98kg to 81kg in two years on a low carb diet. I didn't eat more than 50g of carbs . I have a history of yo yo dieting so my metabolism is basically shot now.

I was recommended to do reverse dieting and I'm using intermittent fasting to help I'm doing 16/8 11am -7pm and for the first time I'm not dizzy or hungry all the time. But I gained 3lbs! My mind is going into overdrive to cut back on calories. What do I do?

This is how I eat now with reverse dieting :
B- cinnamon porridge with black coffee
L-grilled chicken(alternating with fish/steak) with broccoli, cauliflower and baby carrots and some grapes
S- an apple with some protein peanut butter currently using the Whole earth ones
D- sweet potato fries or rice and protein(alternating between chicken/ fish / steak)

Workout 4x a week
Monday- Abs and legs
Tuesday- arms back and chest
Thursday - HIIT running with circuits
Friday- Cross ramp(inclined elliptical trainer )

Before reverse dieting I used to eat around 900-1,100 and my performance in the gym was affected I'm now eating 1,300-1,400. My TDEE is 2129 so I should be eating around 1,500. But I gained weight!

How do I repair my metabolism without gaining weight? Any advice is much appreciated! X


  • Jay9201
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    Ok that's a relief ! I hope it is water weight. It's hard to break out of that dieting mind and eating healthy. I'm trying to fight against cutting back on calories again.
  • Graelwyn75
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    Ignore the scale for now and just allow your body to adjust. It is inevitable that you will see temporary gain, but you need to keep reminding yourself that unless you are eating 3500 calories over your maintenance, those extra pounds are not going to be fat, but rather water, food still in your digestive system and just your body adapting.
  • VintageFeline
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    Yep, all as above. Particularly if you are switching from low carb, you will naturally see a scale spike. Add on natural fluctuations and just more food in your system and you have ample explanation for 3lbs.
  • Jay9201
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    Thank you all for your insight on this. It is super hard switching from low carbs to eating without cutting food groups. Thanks again! X
  • Jay9201
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    Lol calm down guys. I will just have to be consistent with eating 1,300 calories and continue with my workouts and hope I lose the weight.
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    Well surely that feels better than losing weight. When replacing fat with muscle, it's easy to get discouraged but don't let it get you down

    You can't replace fat with muscle...

    Well if she's losing body fat and gaining muscle, how would you word that?

    I'd call it overly optimistic. You don't gain 3lbs of muscle in a couple of weeks as a female even with a perfect lifting program and an excess of calories.

    And if you're "only" losing a few kilos in 12 weeks then you are most certainly not reverse dieting and are in fact probably eating far too little to have such big losses.

    Firstly I'm not here for an argument. Second, she never stated any time frames of the weight gain. Thirdly, I began my reverse diet AFTER my 12 week program ending (4 weeks ago). And the "only" part was me trying to emphasise that weight doesn't always matter when you can lose so much in measurements.
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    Please don't go into an arguments and I've been on the reverse diet for 5 days now with the intermittent fasting (I know ONLY a week) I just stepped on the scale to see if intermittent fasting was working or not. I've taken everything on guys consistency and eating at a calorie deficit is the key :)
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    @livingcleanlivingclean yes I used to measure everything and count the carbs from packages. So unhealthy as I was on the verge of an eating disorder. Worse thing I broke down in the gym as I was hungry but I couldn't figure what to eat and for once I'm eating and enjoying it.

    I think because I've been on reverse dieting for a week it may just be water retention.
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    @deannalfisher I don't want to cut back on carbs otherwise I'm back in the same place do I just stay consistent with how much I'm eating now?