Exercise suggestions to do while losing the last 20lbs? Or wait to recomp at goal weight?

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Hi folks!

I'm hoping to shed 20lbs before my wedding in May. I'm mostly sedentary and work a desk job. I aim for a 30-60 minute walk every day, but that's obviously not a whole lot of activity, nor very intense.

I have a gym membership and I've been active with running/weight-lifting in the past, but I've been in a funk and avoiding the gym for the good part of a year now. I just find the idea of setting foot in the gym to be very boring and not-so-fun. I know it's a mental hurdle I need to get past and rebuild the habit.

Anyway... on to my main questions.

1. I'd like to look toned (I know we all hate that word) for my beach wedding - should I focus on continuing my caloric deficit (TDEE -500) to get to my goal weight, THEN bumping back up to maintenance to recomp?

2. Should I bump up my calories a bit (TDEE -250), but remain in a deficit, and start recomping now?

3. Any simple strength routines you'd recommend for someone who doesn't enjoy the gym?

29 years old
Current weight: 152lbs
Goal weight: 130-135lbs

Thank you!


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    Recomping is traditionally eating at maintenance, so you would not be losing weight but working on your composition.

    I would choose the slower weight loss option since you are within the healthy weight range and don't want to cut too aggressively (so 0.5lbs per week). In order to improve your body composition, definitely want to include a progressive weight training program into your routine as well as get adequate protein (I would say 0.8-1g per lb goal weight is sufficient)

    Here is a list of lifting programs, see if any interest you
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    Start strength training now and continue when you reach maintenance. You won't regret it!
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    Lift while in a deficit, recomp (maintenance) when you hit your goal weight. I like stronglifts 5x5, but there are many other good programs. I like to cardio between lifting days.
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    Lift heavy *kitten* and put it down.
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    Yup. Get lifting/strength training ASAP regardless what you do with your deficit.
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    Any time a question is something like "blah blah blah, or wait to blah blah blah"... there answer is never to wait.

    At least as far as this forum goes. YMMV in other contexts/venues.