Sober September 2017

This thread is for people who would like to abstain from, reduce or moderate their alcohol intake in September 2017.

Encouragement and support is welcome.


  • tmbg1
    tmbg1 Posts: 992 Member
    I'm in!!
  • KaroshiQueen
    KaroshiQueen Posts: 215 Member
    I'm in.
  • Niki_Fitz
    Niki_Fitz Posts: 943 Member
    I'm in!
  • FredKing1
    FredKing1 Posts: 98 Member
    This means no drink to celebrate August. Okay, one more month. Then, we'll see.
  • PurpleLavender77
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    Piqueaboo wrote: »
    I'm going to join this bar a few days where I am visiting friends or they are visiting me - as I'm nearly drinking every day I think stopping/reducing from 5 days a week will definitely be an improvement from what's happening right now. Days I know I will drink:

    September 8-10 (I'm visiting friends in Paris)
    September 21-24 (friends from London are visiting me)

    That's great. Awareness and wanting to make changes goes a long way and helps!!!
  • SweatsOnSunday
    SweatsOnSunday Posts: 514 Member
    I have some celebrations in September that will involve a toast (or 3...). But I'm in if I can have 5 cheat days.
  • Johncalvinfields
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    No alcohol but I do drink pre workout supplements and protein shakes like it's alcohol
  • beerfoamy
    beerfoamy Posts: 1,523 Member
    I'm in.
    Getting braces on the 12th Sept - so am knocking alcohol off the table to reduce fizz and sugar consumption.

    30th Sept is a food and drink extravaganza before my gf goes back to uni - so that is my 'day off' :D
  • MellowGa
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    I'm in
  • JanetR1969
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    I've done the dry January and it's easy to stop but drinking does become a habit - come home from work, tired, open a bottle of wine.... I'll give dry September a go though, just need to empty the fridge first...
  • kariinthecape
    kariinthecape Posts: 8 Member
    I am starting the Hormone Reset September 1st so this is perfect timing; need to give up alcohol for 21 days...thanks for posting this! :)
  • melissaulmen
    melissaulmen Posts: 123 Member
    I am In!! Hockey games and football games are starting soon, so it will be tough to not partake in the festivities. But I can do this. Even if it is just during the week!