Got right back on the horse

Learned something important this week. If one takes a hiatus from eating within limits but sets a time limit, one can recover. Time toward goal is lost but it's not the end of the world.

Last week, friends from out of town came for the eclipse. I used this as an excuse to eat whatever and as much food as I wanted. I took a hiatus from logging. No guilt. I set myself a definite date to resume eating at a deficit. It took one week and seeing a six-pound swing to get back to where I was before the hiatus but it worked.

I won't do this again for a good long while. Seeing that number on the scale rush back up and take its time going back down was unnerving. I also figure I set myself back a week of progress but it was a good learning experience.

Them that plays pays ... but if you set a time to stop playing and go back to your normal it's easier to resume the path toward a healthy BMI.


  • Beccaluv9289
    Beccaluv9289 Posts: 4 Member
    Good advice and I do this sometimes too to get a little break I guess from the constant counting and thinking about food. It's nice to just eat all the things you try to stay away from just to keep that monster fed. :)
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