Green drink straws, where do you buy them?

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I have a Ninja with a 24oz cup. Only store I have close is walmart and they do not sell big straws. They only sell regular and regular length "fatter" ones; too short for green drinks (and too expensive for a pack of 20).
I want straws like the ones you get at fast food restaurants with the shakes. Long and fat.
Currently to get to the bottom "things" in my green drink I have to stick the straw to the bottom and I get my forehead dirty (sometimes). I want the luxury of a nice straw gosh darnit.
I have a bed bath beyond, costco, sams, whole foods, etc about 30 miles away. I do not like to buy things online. Any stores?
*I want disposable. I find it hard to clean green stuff from the inside of a straw.
** I want them for under 10 cents a piece.