What inspires you to keep going with your weight loss?

I'm getting back to being serious with my weight loss and I'd love to hear your story or reason of inspiration so I can find some more of my own. :)


  • livilop222
    livilop222 Posts: 1 Member
    My son is about to turn one and I still need to lose my tummy. My old clothes motivate me because I want to wear them again!
  • VeronicaA76
    VeronicaA76 Posts: 1,116 Member
    Every time I see progress. Lift heavier weights, drop a clothing size, new weird thing that I couldn't do when I was bigger, hitting goals (big & small). Also, I keep an old picture of myself to remind me where I started and how bad I felt when I was obese (mentally & physically)
  • TheQueenMaker
    TheQueenMaker Posts: 1 Member
    Hi. My friends are very skinny and I feel like I'm 600lb when I'm around them. Also I watched ''My 600lb Life" few days ago and If I don't control myself, I'm going to be fat and unhealthy.
  • wildhorsewendy
    wildhorsewendy Posts: 563 Member
    For me, motivation needs to be ongoing, little and often. I have to give myself constant encouragement, feedback and inspiration because my body is giving me constant "feed me" messages and my environment gives me constant "eat more" messages. I weigh myself each morning so that motivates me because I think to myself, "If I eat XYZ, what is going to be the number on the scale tomorrow morning? (I know hormones and carb intake affect scale weight and I take that into account). I have to plan lots of little rewards for myself and set very small targets to reach. I try to think of non-food rewards. Especially good is a new audio book because that encourages me to get out and walk and run while I listen to it. I listen to diet and health books and workout books to remind and inspire me to stick to my goals. I try to wear shorts a lot because seeing my bare skin reminds me that I have a BODY that needs looking after if it is going to stay young and healthy. I pack my purse with things like sugarfree gum, vit c tablets, cans of tuna or salmon to eat if I need food and I'm not at home. I stock my car with my workout bag and running shoes so I can exercise whenever I get a moment, no excuses. I keep a daily journal and I set my alarm to get up early so I can write in my journal my goals for the day (I have lots, LOL) and I have paid and entered a half marathon a few months from now so I have a goal and target to strive for. That really motivates me to stick to my running goals.
  • Mr_Knight
    Mr_Knight Posts: 9,532 Member
    There are things I want to do that require me to be fit. Accomplishing those things is important to me, so weight control naturally falls out of that as a byproduct.
  • R_is_for_Rachel
    R_is_for_Rachel Posts: 381 Member
    the fear of dying and the fear of being put on BP meds-my BP is fairly high and i know im pre diabetic...that's pretty good inspiration!
  • mlrtri
    mlrtri Posts: 421 Member
    I am just starting again and have been concerned about keeping my focus this time around. I have always been motivated to lose weight I just let barriers get in my way (I am Mom of 3 little ones so definitely have barriers). In past I decided to just complain about the difficulties instead of finding ways to work around it. I am not going to fall into that again. Life is busy but I look at each week and schedule exercise time and treat it like a job. I have to do it even if I don't want to. I have also been arming myself with information. In past I tried to just cut calories and just be hungry and that doesn't last very long for me. I am studying foods and how how our body reacts. I started because of some family health issues and the more I learn the more determined I am to put the right foods in our bodies. I am also learning that you don't need to feel hungry to lose weight. My hope is that information and a serious plan will help me prevail. In past I just wanted to lose weight but wasn't armed and ready for the battle. It is hard when you start out because the work is hard and different from your normal lifestyle and the results are slow. I think once we start reaching milestones that will help us keep reaching for the next and our new lifestyle will become more of a norm or habit. I hope you find what will keep you going. Friend me if you want.
  • JenObRN
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    Honestly, the vacation I'm taking in 3 weeks. :wink: