Any single dads out there?

cjpnh Posts: 78 Member
I'm a single father with full custody of my two teenage daughters. I have them full time, no every other weekend off or anything like that. I've been raising my daughters by myself for over 8 years. Their "mother " lives 1500 miles away and has very little to do with them.


  • Just_J_Now
    Just_J_Now Posts: 9,551 Member
    Single mother of 2. One is an adult the other is a teen. Their dad is very much a part of their lives though. So probably not a good comparison but anyway, Kudos to you for taking care of your girls.
  • Jbuscig
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    Single mom here of 2 girls 12 and 9. I'm in the same boat. By myself, he has little to do with them.
  • johnd4076
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    Yep, single dad ain't easy