Too fat, never going to lose weight!!

Does anyone else ever feel like they just have SO MUCH weight to lose that it’s never going to happen?! I look at my stomach, my arms, etc and think “how can I ever lose all this fat/weight?!” .. It’s so discouraging!


  • Lounmoun
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    What are your stats? (Height, starting weight, goal weight?)

    I am down 113 lbs (20-ish to go) - there are no quick fixes. This took me over 2 years of sticking with a plan ... if you are committed and realize it is a long process, you CAN succeed!!

    I am 5'5" and weigh about 235lbs .. My ultimate (wish) goal would be to weight what I did before I had my daughters (125lbs), of course that was about 20 years ago! I really just want to lose as much weight as I can (or that I need to) to feel good about myself, be healthier, not get out of breath going up ONE flight of stairs etc etc! Whether that ends up being 125lbs or 155lbs.

    Every pound you lose makes a difference.
    It takes time but is not impossible.
  • tammystarren
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    Its overwhelming but all the lil accomplishments will add up in the long run! Thats the only way!