anyone have ideas about how to completely line up my bike saddle?

i could take it to some shop and pay them 40 bucks, but it would irk me to do that if there's a simple home hack that i could do my own self. i suspect it of being juuuuust a little off-centre, but so subtly that i'm not even sure.

reason i care enough about wanting it absolutely lined up is because i have had a very deep hip/groin thing on one side only that just will not go away. and riding irritates it every single time no matter what physio and prehab i try to do. this in spite of the fact i've cycled for decades and nothing about this bike bothered me up until around the start of the year.

so i want to at least know for sure that i've eliminated this possible variable. is there some tool or something that people use? eyeball just isn't reliable. once i do get it settled i can mark the post, of course. but i need to do the getting-settled part first.



  • Machka9
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    Line it up so that it is straightly lined up with the top tube?

    Loosen off the seat post collar slightly.
    Stand behind the bicycle and look at where the nose is pointing.
    Give the nose of the saddle a tap to straighten it ... and keep tapping until it is straight.
    Tighten the seat post collar.

    Personally, I like the nose of my saddle to point slightly off to the left. I have a leg length difference and pointing the saddle slightly off to the left seems to fix that a bit.
  • Machka9
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    Oh yes ... where exactly does it hurt?
  • sijomial
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    I've got a V groove saddle so I can rest a broom handle (or similar) in the groove and it shows up very clearly if the saddle isn't pointing straight.