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katnipperskatnippers Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
I hate tea but want to find some that aren't so bitter and kinda taste sweet like you are cheating. I know tea is really healthy for you and that is the reason I want to try drinking some. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I need to feel like I am cheating because I love sweets so much.


  • Old_Cat_LadyOld_Cat_Lady Posts: 1,200Member Member Posts: 1,200Member Member
    Tea is overrated. Drink water instead if that makes you happy.

    I like water a heap of a lot more than I like tea.
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  • MotherOfSharpeiMotherOfSharpei Posts: 1,068Member Member Posts: 1,068Member Member
    If you like fruity flavors, try a peach or raspberry tea. I usually put about half a tsp of sugar in mine to kill the bitterness. I also occasionally smash up berries in my tea (it mimics Wendy's fruity teas with less sugar).
  • aeloineaeloine Posts: 2,157Member Member Posts: 2,157Member Member
    Don't drink it if you don't like it BUT if you want a sweeter tea, try a fruit tea. Lipton makes this BOMB peach tea, and I think all TAZO tea is pretty sweet.
  • Machka9Machka9 Posts: 11,250Member Member Posts: 11,250Member Member
    I am not fond of plain ordinary black tea.

    However, I quite like rooibos tea, especially chai rooibos. And also lemon ginger. I've discovered that Lady Grey or French Grey aren't bad with a little Stevia, and flavour infused Chamomile is good ... I'm about to have a Honey & Vanilla Chamomile right now.

    I drink tea in the evenings (the rooibos, lemon ginger and chamomile) and I'll have a cup of Lady Grey or French Grey on Mondays at the university. It's easier than coffee.

  • x_stephisaur_xx_stephisaur_x Posts: 87Member Member Posts: 87Member Member
    It depends a lot on the brand. I'm in the UK, and I buy a brand called Clipper as I find it a more rounded flavour. I take this with a dash of milk and 1 sweetener tablet. It's 2 calories worth lol

    If I'm feeling flush with calories, I'll make myself a Chai Tea on my coffee machine. It's around 120 calories I think but soooo worth it when I want a treat x
  • Old_Cat_LadyOld_Cat_Lady Posts: 1,200Member Member Posts: 1,200Member Member
    Some health experts claim that the benefits of tea are overrated. They point out that a better way to hydrate your skin is to drink water.
    Water is also thought to be better than tea for the health of your gut.
  • timtam163timtam163 Posts: 508Member Member Posts: 508Member Member
    I assume you're referring to the antioxidant content of tea. Tea, especially green tea, is a good source; but so is coffee. So is chocolate. So is wine. So are dark leafy greens. So are blueberries. So are acai berries... You get the point. All the food fads of the 90s/2000s were around antioxidants. They weren't wrong; antioxidants are good; but you won't suffer for lack of tea if you're having a balanced diet. I drink coffee, and very occasionally tea, but mostly for my own enjoyment/the caffeine. Don't force yourself if you don't like it.

    That being said if you're interested in trying some tea: There was once this tea called "Good Earth"; it's probably still around somewhere. It has a natural sweetness from licorice, and with a splash of dairy/dairy substitute it's AMAZING. The rest of the flavor comes from chai-like spices. It was the first tea I ever enjoyed. And I'm pretty there was a decaf variety. Check out their "sweet and spicy" section:
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  • lemurcat12lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886Member Member Posts: 30,886Member Member
    I say if you don't like tea, don't drink it. I don't believe in the health benefits and usually prefer coffee myself (although Earl Grey can be a nice change if I want something different). I also sometimes make non sweetened ice tea as I find it more refreshing than iced coffee (and with herbal teas I won't go overboard on caffeine).

    If you want to try different ones that might taste sweet-ish or dessert-ish, check out herbal fruit based teas and maybe Yogi's Mayan cocoa spice.
  • ryendayryenday Posts: 1,419Member Member Posts: 1,419Member Member
    Good for you to look to try out other teas to see if you might find something you do like!

    I actually find Yogi's Egyptian Licorice tea described as 'warming and naturally spicy – sweet' to be delicious- it is hard to believe it has no sweetener added.

    However, I've observed many people don't like licorice/ anise / fennel taste, so if that is you this tea probably won't be your thing.
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  • sheepinglysheepingly Posts: 237Member Member Posts: 237Member Member
    I hate coffee AND tea
  • hesn92hesn92 Posts: 3,792Member Member Posts: 3,792Member Member
    If you don't like it then don't drink it
  • theowlboxtheowlbox Posts: 730Member Member Posts: 730Member Member
    I assume you have already considered not drinking it and are asking for ways to make it palatable. A couple thoughts, because one thing that warm liquids can provide is a feeling of satiety. You can read about antioxidants and gut health and hibiscus lowering blood pressure etc, if you want to. I can't help you with that. (I drink tea because it gives me a feeling of fullness and it is part of relaxation rituals that work for me.)

    1. Drink it weak and build up if you want to. Or don't if you dont.
    2. Add freeze dried fruit like they do at Starbucks. (Log it if you eat the fruit)
    3. Try flavor types and expand. Try earl gray, if you like, try other bergamot teas. If you like black teas try them and see which ones re favorites. Hibiscus is tart, peach and other fruits have a tart fruity taste that you might prefer. See what you like.
    4. Try a little milk. See if milk or a milk sub calms it down. Maybe in the fall youd like vanilla chai with a dash of milk and sweetening of your choice. That 50 to 90 calorie warm 20 oz could be a totally worth it splurge that makes you feel like you're drinking dessert in a cup.
    5. Cut tea with juice. If you like sweet things why not make a modified Starbucks drink by splashing in lemonade, or pomegranate juice or whatever. It'll be lower in calories the less you use but it's adjustable to your palette.
    6. Try hot water. If you don't like tea, see if sipping hot water has all the benefits without the taste you don't like.
    7. Anywhere with a tea assortment snag some tea. It can be annoying to buy a 20 bag box of tea (or worse 50 bag tin) to discover you hate tea that tastes like flowers. (Boo on Jasmine tea.)
    Good luck and hope you find a solution that works for you!
  • JruzerJruzer Posts: 3,101Member Member Posts: 3,101Member Member
    "HATE TEA" sounds like a viral brand marketed to disaffected youths.
  • lemurcat12lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886Member Member Posts: 30,886Member Member
    Darn HATERS drinking that HATE TEA.
  • Aplant77Aplant77 Posts: 99Member Member Posts: 99Member Member
    Herbal teas are delicious and keep me from feeling hungry. Try Lipton's Berry Hibiscus. So flavorful and fruity. There are a lot of great flavors that I don't need to use sweetener with. Green teas have more of a health benefit but their flavor isn't as enjoyable. For a lot of them I will add lemon and that makes a difference.
  • Need2Exerc1seNeed2Exerc1se Posts: 13,589Member Member Posts: 13,589Member Member
    What are the health benefits of tea? I think stopping the cheating would be more healthy than all the tea in the world.
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  • Need2Exerc1seNeed2Exerc1se Posts: 13,589Member Member Posts: 13,589Member Member
    Try mixing a bag of Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea with green tea. Bengal spice tea contains so tea leaves or sugar but it has a mix of spices that make tea taste slightly sweet.
  • jgnatcajgnatca Posts: 13,816Member Member Posts: 13,816Member Member
    Try the fruity herbal teas like Red Zinger by Celestial Seasonings. Flavour it with an artificial sweetener. Here in Canada we have tea stores that offer samplers like David's Tea.

    Especially if you HATE TEA, I suggest getting small samples so you aren't out of pocket.
  • CathleenDW95CathleenDW95 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I love tea and drink it all day long, but hate Tazo tea. Saw someone posted that they love it. Just goes to show you that different people like different things, and that is what makes the world go around. If you don't like tea, don't drink it. I hate coffee, can't even stand the smell of it, but my husband loves it. Drink water, and if you hate plain water, buy some of those packs that you can dump in water to flavor it. Or I buy the Sparkling Ice water (various flavors). You can get them at Schnucks and Dierbergs grocery stores for $1 each usually. Good luck!
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