Tough Mudder! Who's done it?

I have my first Tough Mudder on Saturday! I am totally terrified, but excited too. I've been running (mainly hills) and doing a boot camp class several times a week to train, but I'm worried about the upper arm strength needed to complete the challenges. Any past Mudder's who can speak to their experience on the course? I'm almost 40 years old and 40 lbs over weight, so I'm worried about looking like a dope in front of my team, which mainly consists of men who are younger and more fit than me. I've been running a lot (9 miles of hills last weekend, for example) so I think I'm as ready as I can be right now... Just wondering what other's have experienced. Thanks for any insight!


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    It's all about the's not really a competitive race and isn't timed. Do you have a team or are you running solo...if you're running solo, other participants will help you with obstacles you can't do...there are some obstacles that you can't do by yourself really anyway (pyramid scheme).

    It's really all about having fun and challenging yourself...people aren't there to judge.

    ETA: when my wife and I did ours, she was really surprised at how much her weight training helped do things she could never have done really motivated her to keep with it in the weight room when she saw real world translation...
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    The good thing about Tough Mudder, is it is more of a team-based challenge. A lot of the obstacles are designed so that everyone has to work together....Block Ness Monster, the Berlin Walls, Pyramid Scheme, to name a few. You have teammates and many other racers will be more than willing to assist you.

    Some of the obstacles are individual, like the Funky Monkey, which is a set of monkey bars and some wheels. Pull ups and dead hangs help a lot with your strength, and of course you could practice something like that at a local playground, if you fancy. No shame in falling in either though. There are no penalties in TM.

    Just keep moving forward, and have fun with it!
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    Good luck!

    I've done the insane inflatable one which was really fun but also super challenging with all the climbing. I couldn't imagine doing the mud run because all that mess makes me anxious. Especially the muddy shoes :O
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    I am on a team with other people from work. Mainly young dudes, so I'm worried about being the old lady who slows people down. Lol. I AM pretty tough though, so I know I shouldn't let my insecurities get in the way. :smile: I'm looking forward to the team bonding! Can't say I'm looking forward to getting shocked in the face though! Ha!