New...Again! Looking for friends! :)

Hey, everyone.

I won't get long winded, but in the past I used MFP to cut down from 260 lbs to 150....then I stopped using it and 3 years later I'm up 30 lbs! I am now at 180 and looking to trim back to 140.

I play roller derby and I really need to be in shape for my games and practices. I am looking for people with similar stories or goals if you'd like to add me as a friend, I always find its easier to stay on track when you have friends to keep up with.

Thank you! <3


  • jlhflex
    jlhflex Posts: 107 Member
    Its really hard without support. Keep focused on the goal and you will do make it! Need anything, just ask.
  • Tracieisfitastic
    Tracieisfitastic Posts: 104 Member
    Add me
  • Alia_R
    Alia_R Posts: 410 Member
    140 is my goal weight too. I used to be 181 this past May and right now I'm at 168. It is really hard and can be a bit depressing when you go at it alone but that shouldn't be a reason to give up
  • sirdude666
    sirdude666 Posts: 11 Member
    Support is important! Feel free to add me :):)
  • gil_carullo
    gil_carullo Posts: 3 Member
    Newbee here, goal to compete to Physique category NABBA in Singapore.
  • Coconut_Tim
    Coconut_Tim Posts: 63 Member

    While I may not share your story, I sure do share your goal of reaching a healthier more fit self. I'm currently down 235 lb and maintaining my weight at 185. I know a lot about the support and motivation needed to achieve success and maintain success.

    If you feel like you would want to add me, you're welcome to. I always respond to messages and I am available for any sort of support, motivation, inspiration or just to chit chat.
  • jodierodriguez83jr7122
    Hello. I am a military Soldier that used this app in the past. I was 325 pounds and this have helped me a lot. Now with a 145 pounds less I just want you to be motivated, focus on your goals and never quit.
  • ConnieAGinther
    ConnieAGinther Posts: 515 Member
    Welcome!! Feel free to add me
  • itsyeseniaaaaaa
    itsyeseniaaaaaa Posts: 33 Member
    I got down from 160 to mid 130s about two years ago and then I started school and gained about 40 pounds. I'm sitting at 176 at the moment and am trying to get into the 140s.
  • ruthkane6362
    ruthkane6362 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi I'm exactly the same have joined multiple times and need new friends as support base for each other
  • KetoPhillip
    KetoPhillip Posts: 70 Member
    On keto diet, feel free to add me
  • mitzi2013
    mitzi2013 Posts: 47 Member
    Hello. I lost a good amount of weight on MFP also in 2015 but I gained it all back plus some when I left. I actually started roller derby when I lost the weight. My name was Gozer the destructer (from Ghostbusters) It didn't last long because I moved away and started gaining the weight back very quickly. I have much more to lose than you but maybe we can make it through together :)
  • JoseX24
    JoseX24 Posts: 1 Member
    Same. I need some accountability. I'm thinking of getting back into P90X. I weigh 190lbs and wanting to get down to 165lbs. I'm on a low carb high protein diet. Any support and advise would be great!
  • AlexYachiru
    AlexYachiru Posts: 79 Member
    You can add me