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Anyone else here have hemochromatosis?
My ferritin levels were 1887 when I was diagnosed. I had 16 weekly phlebotomies and they went down to 50. Now I'm on maintenance, one phlebotomy every two months.


  • mrsway
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    I was diagnosed when I was 31. I was told how rare it was for a female to be diagnosed so young! I have been doing maintenance phlebotomies now only once every three months which is way better than the biweekly ones at the beginning.
  • concordancia
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    My mother's has improved since losing weight. Never saw that mentioned anywhere when I was helping her research after diagnosis, though.
  • MarcA1218
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    My brother has this. I went to my dr. To see if I had the genetic markers but she didn’t seem too worried about it. I may get a 2nd opinion.