Feeling disgusting

Met a good friend today who is going through a rough time in his marriage and probable mid life crisis. Talked for 4 hours and had 3 beers, 1 glass of pinot grigio, plate of Brazilian grilled/sautéed shrimp and squid w/ garlic, potato, broccoli rabe, split a Cuban sandwich, and split a flan. Completely overate. Feel disgusting. And feel guilty about all of it. Very tempted to cut down calories big time over next several days, but don't want to get into a habit of living and eating to make up for bad days in that way.....
Just venting frustration and guilt I guess.


  • orangegato
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    Yes, at the time....not now. Not used to eating and drinking that much. I have shocked my body's GI system tonight.
  • Sp1tfire
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    Talking with your friend and relaxing like that probably helped them feel extra at ease and have an extra enjoyable time with you to talk out their problems or even not think about their problems. Maybe cut back a little bit over a few days but I'm guessing you're not too many calories over maintenence. Just consider it a maintenence week! You sound like a really good friend to him, so be a good friend to yourself mentally too! You're not disgusting.
  • Ready2Rock206
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    Yeah - but you helped a friend. So it all balances out on the guilt scale. Drink an extra glass of water and move on from it.
  • PaulaWallaDingDong
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    A few days back to the grind and you'll be good as new. I wouldn't bother reducing calories further.
  • riffraff2112
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    Don't let one day turn into two because you think you blew it and give up. Make tomorrow a regular day again, and in the long run it will be a minor blip.
  • Rebirth08
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    I totally understand the disgusting feeling...and while it is tempting to cut back calories drastically to balance out, there's no need. Drink a lot of water, get some sleep (well, you might be up peeing in the middle of the night because of the water), and start over with healthy choices tomorrow. You'll forget this day even happened (in regards to the overeating).
  • shaunshaikh
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    As long as this is not a recurring habit I wouldn't sweat it.
  • CynthiasChoice
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    I would definitely analyze this incident at a later date. This is what I'd do: Go back to your normal eating for a week and then reflect on what you were thinking and feeling during this visit with your friend. You're probably going to want to avoid this behavior in the future, so you need to understand what your inner dialog was and how to change it.

    It could be as simple as knowing alcohol leads to a weak willpower for you. Or it could be something complex with this particular friend, or with the subject of failed relationships or loss of youth and narrowing of options. Over-eating can be an act of defiance, or a misguided act of solidarity, or a multitude of other things.

    The issue is, eating correctly can be easy when life is easy and tougher when life gets tougher. If you want to be prepared for the tough times, it can be helpful to analyze the slip ups and plan your mind-set for the next time you are challenged.

    Give it some time though. Focus on doing well in the present and look with hope to the future. Believe in yourself and trust that you can do whatever you put your mind to!
  • theabsentmindednurse
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    Life happens!
    No analysis needed!
    No beating yourself up.
    This journey is forever. Just keep walking.
    Log your calories honesty and accurately and take care of yourself!
    It's all good :)B)
  • VintageFeline
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    Don't punish yourself just because you had an evening of lovely food and drink whilst helping a friend. As long as it's not a weekly occurrence then it's cool to just write it off as life. And perhaps next time try to temper exactly how overboard you but sometimes that's what you need/want and that's okay.

    My birthday this year my friends took me to an amazing restaurant and I stuffed myself silly. No regrets. It was one night and a rare treat to see both of these friends at the same time. And I am still meeting my goals. So it's all gravy.
  • TriPaulCantRun
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    I had to stop reading, it was making me hungry...
  • ecjim
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    Why would you only eat 1/2 of a flan ??? seriously - don't worry about the extra food just move on - Eastcoast Jim
  • rsclause
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    One bad meal or day goes away really fast as long as you get back to your deficit.
  • midlomel1971
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    Don't feel bad about it. One meal, even a huge one, is not going to throw you off. You were helping a friend get through a bad time and bonding over food. There are worse things that could have happened. It's not like you were hiding in your closet stuffing a box of Twinkies down your throat. Don't be so hard on yourself and get back on the wagon.
  • orangegato
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    ecjim wrote: »
    Why would you only eat 1/2 of a flan ??? seriously - don't worry about the extra food just move on - Eastcoast Jim
    @ecjim because my friend ate the other half of the flan (and the other half of the Cuban sandwich). That's what I meant by splitting it. With all that food and drink in me, I could not eat more........
  • Meghanebk
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    Log it and move on. Don't cut calories the next few days if it's a hardship. You may want to evaluate your thought processes on how you ended up eating so much. For me it would be the alcohol - even one drink inhibits my decision making on food a lot. So I don't drink when I'm out, and I stick to one drink if I'm at home. Despite cultural conditioning, alcohol is by no means necessary to have a good time or comfort a friend.

    Plus I'd usually rather eat my calories than drink them.