I didn't come this far to stop now


My names Jo. Been here since the end of January of this year and I have lost just over 5 stone. Past few weeks have been a little challenging. I stopped counting calories and I am not exercising as much. I have been changing jobs and I let that be an excuse to go off track. Hopped up on the scales and I have put on 3lbs. Suprised it isn't more than that. Making myself accountable so I can finish what I started. Looking to add into my family and have people who are active and supportive. Please add if you want to join me on the last hurdle. It won't be over when I get there...my focus will change to toning my body. Hope to chat soon


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    Day 1: Back at it. Changes I have made today. Introducing whey protein and ditched fitbit. Think fitbit had the opposite effect on me as it counted every step so I didn't go for the power walks as much.