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TOM Weakness (Female weightlifters.)

Hey all. I've been doing cardio 5x a week and adding in weight lifting 3x a week. Lately I got my time of the month and noticed that today when I went to do my normal weight lifting routine I felt much weaker than normal. This might seem stupid but I was just wondering if any ladies had anything thoughts about routines during TOM. If there is something else I should do or if it is okay to just keep doing my regular routine even if I'm not feeling as strong. Also I was curious if the longer y'all kept weight lifting if you started to feel stronger even during that TOM. Any thoughts are appreciated.


A Noob.


  • rhtexasgal
    rhtexasgal Posts: 572 Member
    Well, I am in perimenopause so I still have TOM but it is just a bit erratic. However, when I do have it, I also find that I cannot lift the same amount of weight as before. I feel weak and have no oomph! Plus, I get sore so easily. The only that that seems to help me is having 2 cups of hot coffee ahead of time because the caffeine seems to help me loosen and warm up my muscles faster. I still sometimes cannot lift my usual weight but it helps me more than anything else during those times. I will also add my favorite vanilla protein powder to cold coffee and drink that before workouts.
  • jemhh
    jemhh Posts: 14,261 Member
    This happens to me once in a great while and it is generally out of the blue. I get ready to work out and feel fine but then during my first sets can tell that it is a super weak day. When that happens, I drop my weight by 10-15% and do more reps than usual. I usually have to do that one or two workouts max and then a few days after that I am back to normal or stronger than before.

    I can't say that this has gotten more rare as I've continued lifting. But it doesn't happen every time either. My cycles are super irregular (4-12 weeks long) and I have the super weak thing happen maybe twice a year.
  • deputy_randolph
    deputy_randolph Posts: 940 Member
    Yeah, definitely affects me. I had a really off week. My pl coach pointed out that it could be cycle related (she's a woman, so she knows things). I just felt super drained right before I started. This doesn't happen every month; but occasionally, I have a weak week.
  • swebb1103
    swebb1103 Posts: 200 Member
    I'm weaker and slower during my TOM. I hate it! I usually power through but it takes so much effort.
  • lorrpb
    lorrpb Posts: 11,464 Member
    Maybe you're doing too much too soon. Details please?
  • BeccaLoves2lift
    BeccaLoves2lift Posts: 375 Member
    Yeah, I have noticed I'm a bit weaker during my TOM. I have really a heavy flow and I wouldn't doubt it if I become iron deficient at that time. That could be the case for you as well.
  • VintageFeline
    VintageFeline Posts: 6,771 Member
    Totally normal. Lyle McDonald talks about this and how he tweaks female training schedules to account for it.

    For me, it's really common for that weak day to happen on the Monday of pill break week. My workouts just tank. So I do my best to make those rest days when I remember.
  • Misspinklift
    Misspinklift Posts: 384 Member
    Happens to me all the time. I usually keep the same retinue in.
  • Willbenchforcupcakes
    Willbenchforcupcakes Posts: 4,955 Member
    It rarely ever happens for me. My major meet of the year the last two years has happened on day one and that didn't affect my strength at all. Made making weight more fun, but zero impact on strength levels.
  • Pamshebamm181
    Pamshebamm181 Posts: 92 Member
    It's normal. I can definitely notice the difference in my strength during my time of month.
  • not_a_runner
    not_a_runner Posts: 1,343 Member
    Totally normal. Lyle McDonald talks about this and how he tweaks female training schedules to account for it.

    Yep, this!

    Look for podcasts he's done, I know Revive Stronger has one with him talking about this.
  • timtam163
    timtam163 Posts: 500 Member
    ^This, plus I'm generally sleepy and need more calories. But some longer lower-intensity stuff helps, as well as flexibility training.
  • BNY721
    BNY721 Posts: 125 Member
    Dealing with this now. I just decided to eat a carb-loaded breakfast and have at it. I went in there with the mindset I was going to do what I could do and deal with it. I dropped reps..kept the same weight for most lifts..and ended up feeling stronger at the end of my workout and set two new PR's (squat and RDL's). So today was an example to myself that even when I feel like I wanna say "*kitten* it"...I can still go in and surprise myself.