Nsv - Pants!

I quit my job at a grocery store back in May. I used to wear size 10 black dress pants.

I was jobless for a few months, but focused on taking care of my self. I was quite active and tried to eat well.

I joined MFP In the middle of August. I also got a new job. I found size 8 dress pants I had for awhile and was happy to fit into them. Just a few days ago I received my uniform finally lol and I'm a size 6!

I tried on my old grocery store work pants for fun today and they wouldn't even stay up. My boyfriend and I met back when we worked at the grocery store together.

When I walked down the stairs with my old pants on his eyes widened as he used to see me in those pants all the time. He sees me everyday so he doesn't overly notice my weight loss. Well he did today when he saw my old pants that used to fit quite snug on me not even able to stay up.

Haha. Man I love this app. I love eating whatever I want and still seeing the changes.


  • Jancandoit7
    Jancandoit7 Posts: 350 Member
    My pants are feeling more comfy (looser) but not falling off yet- can't wait for this! :)
  • oreo_cookies_1992
    oreo_cookies_1992 Posts: 42 Member
    vertego wrote: »
    Dropping your pants here in the UK has a totally different meaning... :o

    Haha you crazy UK'ers ;)
  • oreo_cookies_1992
    oreo_cookies_1992 Posts: 42 Member
    My pants are feeling more comfy (looser) but not falling off yet- can't wait for this! :)

    Hey even looser is super encouraging! Congrats on your progress so far (:
  • Ainadan
    Ainadan Posts: 158 Member
    That is awesome! I have some horseback riding jeans which were always almost a size too big on me, but fine for riding horses. Now I can't even where them riding anymore. And I've gone down one pant size, but they are already getting a little loose. It is a really cool visual change.
  • nowine4me
    nowine4me Posts: 3,985 Member
  • JLPadron86
    JLPadron86 Posts: 74 Member
  • jelizabeth713
    jelizabeth713 Posts: 98 Member
    My story is pretty much exactly the same lol! I bought some work pants last year when I worked at a grocery store gas station, they were very snug on me then. I had quit my job last October and haven't put them on until the other day because I was curious and they wouldn't stay up!! So exciting, congrats girl! :#
  • iamthemotherofdogs
    iamthemotherofdogs Posts: 562 Member
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