Eating before bed..?

So for years it's been drilled in my head that you should not eat about 2-4 before going to bed.

Now I realize, overall it's probably just easier on your body. But, as far as weight loss goes, is this true?

As long as you're eating according to your set calories, does this apply?



  • EricLFC1892
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    *personal opinion* but I believe as long as you stay within your goals timing is irrelevant
  • AnvilHead
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    Meal timing is irrelevant in terms of weight loss. Let personal preference guide your decision.
  • PaulaWallaDingDong
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    I eat in bed, pretty much every night.At this very moment, in fact.

    If you have acid reflux or some other medical condition that requires that you don't eat before sleeping, don't eat before bed.

    For weight loss, it makes no difference.
  • Valrotha
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    Although the scientific evidence is contradictory at present, the current supposition seems to be that those who eat before bedtime are consuming more calories overall. Consequently, it's not a physiological response to eating in close proximity to a time where one's metabolism naturally slows down, but rather an increase in calories consumed which is the culprit responsible for weight gain (again, though, this is a supposition). That is, unless things have changed in the past year since I looked into this.

    Overall, the simplest thing to do is to focus on staying under your calorie goal. People overwhelmingly have success losing weight by doing that without having to complicate things. If you're certain you're staying under your calorie goal but are still not losing weight, which is quite rare, then you can reasonably start looking into some of the more unusual issues. I suspect you'll be fine, though.
  • amusedmonkey
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    It disturbs my sleep (no acid reflux, I just find myself waking up at night and I usually don't wake up at all until the sun is out when I don't eat before bed), plus I'm used to stopping eating in the evening so that's what I do. For weight loss, it doesn't make much of a difference.
  • kommodevaran
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    It's not even easier on your body (whatever that's supposed to mean). Meal timing has no impact on weight loss. Calories in/out is the only thing that has impact on weight loss. Many things can make controlling calories in/out easier or harder. Meal timing can be one of those things.

    Some days I have a wonderful nap right after dinner. But I aim to avoid ingesting anything for 2-3 hours before I go to bed, to avoid having to get up and use the bathroom. This also creates a natural slot to brush teeth and generally wind down. So it has nothing to do with calories. It has to do with routines.
  • paperpudding
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    Yes and the routine/habit many people have of mindless snacking after dinner in front of the tellie - obviously cutting down on that will reduce calories (and probably improve nutrition balance)

    But logging calories will soon show that problem - and so cutting after dinner snacking or changing to lower calorie options or smaller portions may be a good way to reduce calories for many people.

    But in and of itself - no, timing does not matter.