Map My Run question

Does it, or any other running app, have voice coaching that will help with keeping a certain pace? Like if I wanted to run 8-9 minute miles, it would tell me to speed up when I'm slowing down. I know I'd have to pay for the subscription more than likely. I'd just like to know if I can find that feature before I subscribe to anything. Thanks!


  • ABabilonia
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    MapMyRun has a feature that tell you distance and pace that can go as low as 0.1 miles for free. You can get time, distance, and pace every 0.1 miles and adjust if needed. For actual real time instant pace I use my Garmin. I personally believe, though, that you should run at a pace you feel comfortable.
  • ashley52601
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    I second the Garmin or other GPS watch for instant pace data.
  • bendyourkneekatie
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    It is also a matter of practice and paying attention. I have mapmyrun tell me my pace every km and can guess pretty accurately, often to the second (and I so often get 4:47 min/km it's weird) because I've gotten used to what different paces feel like. Even though I have a Garmin I find checking my wrist so often annoying and distracting.