Did you change your goal weight?

I'm not sure if I picked the right goal weight for myself because I haven't weighed that much since probably 6th or 7th grade!

I still have about 18 pounds left to go, so hopefully I'll find out sooner than later! (i'm just impatient!)

I'm just curious how many people decided to change their weight to a lower number, higher number, or they guessed the perfect weight.

Please share!
Thanks in advance :smile:


  • jwdieter
    jwdieter Posts: 2,582 Member
    I'm on my 3rd goal weight.
  • I_Will_End_You
    I_Will_End_You Posts: 4,397 Member
    I hit my goal weight last week. I'm still not really where I want to be, so I lowered it 5 more pounds. I'm more concerned with body fat % than the number on the scale, though.
  • leebesstoad
    leebesstoad Posts: 1,186 Member
    I hit my first goal weight, still wasn't happy with where I was, and lowered it another 20 pounds. I'm within 3 of that, and still not quite satisfied, so goal weight number 3 is probably right around the corner. At least the next one will be a small change.
  • truckdriverjeremy
    truckdriverjeremy Posts: 28 Member
    yes, several times. at first it was 250 lbs. when i hit it I set it at for 229.4 lbs so i could say i lost 200lbs. now I'm shooting for 214.6lbs so i can say i've lost 50%. and i think my final goal after that will be 210lbs.
  • FaerieCae
    FaerieCae Posts: 437 Member
    At first my goal was 65 kg, then 60... but once I got to 63 and realised I coukd actually do it, I lowered it to 58. If im happy with how I look at 61, 60 or 59, the ill stop. If I get to 58 and im not, ill go down to 55, but I dont imagine id go any lower. (Yes I have a small frame....only I didnt realise that til recently, since ive always been big.)
  • helenrosemay
    helenrosemay Posts: 375 Member
    From experience I know at what weight I can maintain and be comfortable with, so that's my goal weight. Anything past that is a bonus. For my height etc I should be between 10st -10 1/2st but I know I can't maintain that comfortably so I'm aiming for 11st-11 1/2st.
  • my sw was 167, i'm now 18 lbs down since late May...which means 149 lbs. and my goal weight is 140:) but i'll probably change it when i reach it...like to 130 lbs or sumthing
  • trudijoy
    trudijoy Posts: 1,685 Member
    i'm 4 kg / 10 lb off goal weight but I just lowered it another 5 kg. I'd rather go too small then come back than not go small enough.
  • I lowered mine. My original goal was 157 bc that's where I'd been cute and thin before. BUT years of fatness and then weight loss led to my body comp being diff than it was before at 157- more fat, much less muscle. I lowered it to 145, then 135.

    I am 36 yrs old, and 5'.8.5" and 136ish for reference. Still feeling like I could lose another five pounds, as I can't believe my *kitten* manages to be both flat and fat at this weight.
  • Cait_Sidhe
    Cait_Sidhe Posts: 3,150 Member
    I really don't have a goal weight anymore. I'll know when I'm happy with what I see in the mirror.
  • cleanandlean2012
    cleanandlean2012 Posts: 71 Member
    I started out at 245lbs, and have set my goals weight at 125lbs...I will see when I get there, but I think there are many contributing factors to not being a weight you used to be - age, type of exercise, diet, body goals, whether you've had children.....

    I am excited at seeing the new me unfold.
  • kazsjourney
    kazsjourney Posts: 263 Member
    I initially had a set goal weight of 76 kilos...now i have a very vague goal of 70-80 kilos...really depends when i get down there...how i look and where my body fat % is sitting at :)
  • AfricaLatina
    AfricaLatina Posts: 111 Member
    Yes I changed mine, 'cos when I started I based it on BMI which is a load of poppycock :blushing:

    So I upped my goal weight to a weight I remember feeling more comfortable at.... when i get there, i'll review it again.. :bigsmile:
  • divinenanny
    divinenanny Posts: 90 Member
    My goal weight on MFP is one I change in small increments (every 5 kilos + every 5 kilos lost, so 80, 77.3, 75, 72.3 etc) so I have a small and reachable goal to aim for.

    My main goal weight has changed from 70 (the last weight I remember being before gaining fast) to 65 (because it is below the top threshold of healthy BMI for me) to 62.3 (50 kilos lost). I just had my fat % measured and with that I know my lean mass. Now I know I can easily lose past 62.3, so who knows, when I am there I might continue on...
  • majica8
    majica8 Posts: 210 Member
    My goal weight right now will just put me at the very top end of a healthy BMI. That's my main goal but I will be aiming for a lower weight once I get there, I just don't know how low. Probably only another 10 or so pounds (100 total)
    SJVZEE Posts: 451 Member
    My original goal was 135lbs. Hit that this spring and in transitioning to maintenance, and experimenting with different ways of eating, I lost another 10lbs. I've been at 125ish for a couple months now, but just went back into weight loss mode for a few more pounds, to follow Dr. Fuhrman's calculation for a goal weight (from his book Eat to Live). This morning I'm at 124lbs and my new goal is 119lbs/19.2bmi :)
  • melham
    melham Posts: 233 Member
    I hit my goal weight last week. I'm still not really where I want to be, so I lowered it 5 more pounds. I'm more concerned with body fat % than the number on the scale, though.
    ^^^ This. Got down below my goal weight and realized all I did was figure out how to be "skinny fat". Now to concentrate on reducing my body fat 3-5%.