60 days in

I have been here for 60 days but not using this end of the web site. Looking to loose weight and get what weight I can't loose in some form of shape. I am down 30 pounds but find this thing that was work in the beginning getting to be harder. I am looking for tips and encouragement that will cause me to hang in here for the long haul. I am 2 years from 40 and I want another 40 healthy years. If you have been fat but have been on a better sustainable path I want to know what clicked in you. What made you keep going when everyone else quit. If you can't relate to my struggle then pray for me.
~ UNDER 300lbs, first time in 15 years


  • laurenebargar
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    Well I still have some weight to lose but i've been on MFP for 216 days and have lost 46 lbs. I'd say make sure you are tracking everything, I noticed if I stopped tracking for part of the day I am less likely to want to track the next day.

    My only other piece of advice is to remember that this is a life style change, dont give up after a bad day, everyone is going to have those, and its not one day that is going to make a difference, its what happens overall.

    I made small changes little by little and now those things have just become my new normal, like taking the dog for a two hour walk at night, rain or shine I just do it, I dont even think about it anymore. I also didnt force myself to do anything I hated, like going to the gym every night, or eating only salads. I dont see myself failing or gaining back all of the weight because my life is different now, and its definitely better than it was when I was obese, I'm still overweight but I get closer and closer to being in the normal BMI range every day.

    Anything in particular that seems harder?
  • JasonMcS
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    Just the time consumption and really the lack of support. My loosing has gone from >2lbs a day (average) to 2lbs a week. In me is this fight or flight mechanism that causes me to want to quit everything that I can't master. I know it is there so I battle it. I also know that the initial loss was not healthy or sustainable but it happened. Now that I have slowed down in progress I just get discouraged. I am doing a good bit of lifting and my body reflects it more and more. It is what has keeps me motivated this last couple weeks as my loosing has dramatically decreased. Thanks for the input. I have made life changes. I hope to keep them!