Weaning Off Cardio

I’ve been lifting all along, but while cutting I really relied on cardio to keep a deficit.I’ve now maintained for a year and really want to focus on building muscle. But, I find myself shorting my lifting to get a run in so I can eat more. Seems like a vicious cycle.

How did you find the right balance between weights and cardio to achieve your goals?


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    This is exactly where I am right now.
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    How did you find the right balance between weights and cardio to achieve your goals?

    By doing weights and cardio (mostly cycling) on alternate days.

    Like everything there's a compromise, few days off (that's OK for me as I enjoy my exercise) and often training can be partly compromised by what you did yesterday or what you plan to do tomorrow. I prioritise by the season - a cyclist who lifts for 3 seasons and a weight lifter who cycles for the winter.
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    Once I began lifting and other activities not related cardio and felt like I was making even greater gains, I backed off on cardio a lot. I still do some, but not nearly as much.
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    Been there, done that!

    I got where I was enjoying the cardio so much that I was eating whatever I wanted for the most part. And I was enjoying that as well! But for me I tend to like to push some... I hate the long slow runs. But if I lessen intensity cardio doesn't make me nearly as hungry. So I kept doing some cardio, and here and there go out and kill it still. But most of the time slow it down to just a more relaxed pace run/bike session.

    I still have to be a little more mindful of what I stuff my face with, but really don't miss all the extra eating I was doing when hitting the cardio harder.
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    Don't view or use cardio as just a calorie burn. Do the appropriate levels and intensities to improve your training and fitness. Then eat at a level to support your activity and weight goals.
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    Thanks for chiming in everyone. I’m going to try alternating days to see how it goes.