Long term MFP Member Needs Help Getting Back At It

TubbsMcGee Posts: 1,058 Member
Hi everyone!!

I’ve been a member of MFP pretty much since it all began.

For years I maintained my weight, introduced members to the site, and was a cheerleader for oodles if people!

Unfortunately, a series of major life events have caused me to gain back all of my weight (and then some) and I am now at my heaviest I’ve EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE.

A bad breakup/divorce, becoming a chef, and a year spent travelling abroad moving from Canada to Japan to Australia and then eventually settling in New Zealand has wreaked havoc on my healthy lifestyle.

Spending all day at work in the kitchen makes it difficult to not continuously snack and then eat even more food on my breaks and after work. I stress eat and lack the motivation to exercise.

Old Tubbs is basically in need of some new friends to help motivate her. After years of building connections and relationships with pals here, a lot of them have moved on and don’t use the site any more, or have forgotten about me since I’ve been absent for so long with my busy lifestyle.

Looking for people to help motivate me so that I can in turn motivate YOU.
I went to uni to be a dietician and have worked as a personal trainer in the past, so I know “right from wrong” and can help you.
I just need some support as well :)

Lots of love from “down under-er”


  • Heather_J_May
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    Hi! What a fantastically hectic life you have! Mine isn't so stressful but I used to teach kids so I know all about stress! I live on the south coast of England. I spend my days looking after grandchildren, my vegetable patch and animals. I'll send you a friend request. Good luck - you CAN do it!
  • leonhnchan
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    You can do it!!! Just make a decision NOW to start. :)