Medical professionals advice: "be realistic"

I've been to the doctor and talked to them about losing weight. Needless to say, a lot of the "advice" hasn't been helpful, but there was a visit that made me pause. At one visit, the nurse practitioner (who was seeing me for a semi-related issue) said "I think you need to be realistic about how much weight you can lose." I'm 166 lbs, 5'4" (and YES I know I'm fat)-- and said I'd like to lose 35-40.

Now to the pausing part. If medical practitioners are telling me to "be realistic" and my general practitioner said to "avoid dieting," what should I do? Half of me says screw this and be happy and eat how I want, and the other half is telling me the extra weight is bad for my knees and prediabetes. That's why I went to the doctor and asked for help-- and wasn't given any. Maybe I need to be "realistic," whatever that means? What, 10-15 lbs max? It's still overweight and I'll still have a lot of extra fat.


  • kbmnurse
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    Here's the deal realistic goals are key to any weight lose plan. Don't set yourself up for failure. Start with losing 5 lbs and then go from there. Lose the word diet-such a horrible word.