Diet Tips for Travellers??

Hey everyone!!

I’ve been on the road and in the sky for about two years now travelling and living all over the globe. This has made making healthy choices pretty difficult when it comes to eating foreign foods and trying to eat frugally in airports (usually succumbing to eating packaged foods).

Obviously, it’s been tricky to pack wholesome treats, due to quarantines on fruit, veg and nuts between countries, provinces and states.

What are some tips or tricks you use when you’re on the go??

I’ve finally settled in another country now (New Zealand), and have stacked on about 20 kilos since I originally left Canada!

Also looking for new friends to help motivate me to get back on the healthy train :)


  • Meaganinsardinia
    Meaganinsardinia Posts: 42 Member
    So tricky! If I am diving or trekking I have those liquid breakfast snacks. Its more of a case of getting enough calories for those activities in a easy access format. I like the Sanitarium UpnGo for example (available in New Zealand). Nuts are good too.

    When flying I try to keep to normal spaces of time between meals despite the time zone changes. Sometimes eating at the airport or the first meal served in the plane is more for boredom than necessity. I fly between Australia and Europe quite often.