Finally seeing a difference

I joined mfp in May 2017 to support my bf on his journey. I'm 5'4" tall, started at 190lbs and I have PCOS. Which for me means weight comes off ridiculously slowly. I didn't want to become obsessed with the scale so I only weigh in every 5 weeks. I take my measurement and go to the gym 3x a week where I focus on lifting heavy. The bench press has become my fav exercise to do :) My goal is to lose 30lbs and today I'm officially halfway there, weighing in at 175lbs. And I've had people say they noticed that I lost weight. I'm really glad for this app and the community because it motivates me to continue. Hoping to pass that along to others. fza1w1pjvu0k.jpg


  • aeloine
    aeloine Posts: 2,163 Member
    Congrats! The difference is clear!!!
  • paulawriteslove
    paulawriteslove Posts: 195 Member
    You look great!!! Keep up the amazing work!
  • fishcat123
    fishcat123 Posts: 74 Member
    Congratulations, very noticeable difference! I would guess that you are feeling lighter and more energetic too!
  • iamthemotherofdogs
    iamthemotherofdogs Posts: 562 Member
    You can absolutely see a difference! I can't wait to know what that feels like. You go, lady!
  • leggup
    leggup Posts: 2,942 Member
    Massive difference! Good work!
  • rednote49
    rednote49 Posts: 124 Member
    Thanks guys :smiley:
  • tress29
    tress29 Posts: 614 Member
    The difference is visible in your clothes, but I bet the way it makes you feel is even better! Knowing you've done the hard work to accomplish your (halfway) goal is empowering. Keep it up and you may even surprise yourself and surpass your initial goal!