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I will be 41 next month and have decided now is the time to get my *kitten* in the game and on the right track to being healthy. I have Been an on and off user of MFP for a long time...and now I am back at it and will not fail this time! I am looking to loose about 40-50 lbs
I would love some friends for support and motivation!
Please feel free to add me


  • Misspinklift
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    Add me.
  • DJeffas
    DJeffas Posts: 2 Member
    Hi! I am 31 and looking for a MFP friend to help me hold myself accountable. Although I have been a member for a few years I am trying to have a different approach by seeing a nutritionist and counting macros. Add me if you'd like to be my buddy to help each other towards our goals!
  • pascogirl95
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    Your more than welcome to add me...we all can do this together.