Ways to track hunger levels?

I would like to be able to track my hunger levels, especially how they change in relation to my cycle. Does anybody know any good apps or spreadsheets that allow to do that? Especially that allow to show data in graphs. It would be cool if I could also enter additional data like my intake, TDEE and deficit, energy levels and mood to see if there are some correlations.

Or do you think it'll be just easier to use a simple table/calendar to track these data?


  • lemmie177
    lemmie177 Posts: 479 Member
    I use an app called Glow to track my cycle and it allows you to log 'symptoms', one of which is appetite. You can only mark it mild, moderate, or severe. Then it has a 'pattern chart' where you can compare the incidences of any given symptom across multiple cycles. It has logs for mood, weight, sleep, and a bunch of other stuff, but nothing for energy balance as far as I know.
  • Nixi3Knox
    Nixi3Knox Posts: 182 Member
    I used to just write it down because I seriously would go whole hog when the old hormones did their thing. My hunger problem usually hits 2 weeks before Charlie arrives and stays for about 3 days after. That was what I noticed just from making a little chart and marking it. An app would probably make it easier to do though.