Calling all Vegans/ Vetarians

My hubby and I recently watched many documentaries about the processing/factory farming/ mass producing and cruelty to animals. Forks over Knives, What the Health, etc ...

I cannot unsee these things... my heart aches, I can no longer eat animals - especially after realizing that we DONT need to eat them! We can thrive and be healthier on a plant based diet... Our intent is to be vegetarian with the goal of being Vegan.

I would love to hear from anyone that has adopted this lifestyle. Encouragement, RECIPES, Tips would be appreciated as we begin this new journey.


  • cee134
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    I love plant based foods and eat mostly plant based foods. Always check your sources. It's best to use long term studies to get your info about nutritional needs for the body, not videos that sell you things.

    You may enjoy this group on MFP:

    Happy Herbivores
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    Options has some good, simple recipes. They're low fat, but you can obviously add fat if you like, I often do.

    Minimalist Baker also has some good, simple recipes.

    Both those sites have yummy recipes with common ingredients (not all of them do, but a lot).

    Don't get caught up with thinking you have to buy specialty items or get complicated. Going vegan can be difficult enough for some, transitioning from reliance on animal products, without unnecessarily complicating it from the beginning. Ann's post is also full of good advice.
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    Thank you so much for the encouragement and recipes MFP I feel great about this decision and will continue to learn !! ❤️
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    Yes, I hope my post didn't come off as saying you have to eat nutritional yeast or something. I eat it because I like it and it's good for me. Apart from nutritional yeast and tofu, I eat hardly anything that I can't buy at Aldi. (I'm vegan but I'm also poor atm. ;) )
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    I was vegetarian, nearly vegan, then my doctor discovered that my blood sugar indicator was too high, putting me in the prediabetic range. I was eating a lot of carbs which apparently my body doesn't process very well. I've eaten meat since then but am exploring ways to get increased protein while staying on the low glycemic end of meal choices without eating meat. It hasn't been easy.
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    Try lentil chili. Just boil one lb of lentils with whatever chili seasoning mix you like, and use it the same as normal chili. You can add onion and a can of diced tomatoes if you want. This is especially good over fried yellow polenta (really easy and inexpensive to make yourself from plain yellow corn meal)
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    My daughter is vegetarian...working her way to vegan, so I've been learning to adapt. One of the hardest is packaged foods. Yes, I know fresh foods are better and I do a good bit of fresh food cooking, but when you have 30 min after work to get supper on the table for hungry folk, it's good to have box/can/frozen foods ready to throw together. That said- I can't believe how hard it is to find animal fat free canned goods! I try to cook as many things as possible that we can all eat, and I was surprised at how much animal fat is in beans, green beans, etc. My daughter has also discovered that gelatin is made from boiling animal bones/products, so now I check everything for gelatin also. It's in ALOT of packaged sweets. Recently, I've had to start checking cheeses for rennet/enzymes. There went my frozen ravioli which I used to make quick and easy lasagna. :) Do others check for these ingredients also?
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    Also, my daughter watches and sends me those documentaries, many of which I'm sure are the worst of the lot and not representative of all, maybe not even the majority. Even so, it makes me sick to see what goes on in some of these factories. I agree that it's hard to 'unsee' that, and makes me more aware of animal products.
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    Hi there. I fully support your decision! It's a great lifestyle!

    My go to recipe book is thug kitchen! I also go to Forks over knives. the buffalo cauliflower is killer! My favorite recipe atm is Eggplant marinara over chickpea pasta. Watch out for high carbs if you're also trying to lose weight.

    Some ppl quit cold turkey but that wasn't my experience. I started out as a vegetarian in february. It was hard to give up cheese but I let myself have some. I slowly cut all animal products out. The whole process/lifestyle change took a little over 6 months but I'm fully plant based now!