weight loss?

I know our weight goes up and down due to sodium and other factors. I gave up tracking due to loss of internet and its a huge challenge to pick it back up but I am working on logging calories again.
I track my weight on a app and my question is since weight jumps all over the place if my current weight is 5 pounds less than two months ago have a lost the weight slowly or its just bouncing around.


  • PAV8888
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    Use a weight TREND tracking app or web site... and "slightly" more frequent weigh ins to guage your progress.

    Happy scale iPhone, libra Android, I use trendweight.com with a freely available without a band fitbit.com account
  • LAWoman72
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    You don't need an app or the internet, if it comes down to that (IOW, if you lose access to the internet again or whatever). Get some graph paper at the dollar store and plot your weight. Look for the general trend. It may look like an EKG but if over time it's going down then you're losing. GL!
  • mygrl4meee
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    Thanks. I meant i stopped tracking my calories sometime ago and gained weight back. Seeing 200 plus on the scale is encouraging me to count calories even though I feel like i am so sick of counting.